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There is something wonderful about seeing the collaboration between Jason Momoa and Harley-Davidson. Yes, of course, both collaborators are bad ass, but it goes a bit deeper than that for me. Considering Momoa’s Hawaiian roots, being able to see this influence on a decidedly (mainland) American brand shows just how diverse and rich the cultural history of the U.S. really is.

This collection of apparel that was created in partnership with Momoa, who is an avid motorcyclist himself, harkens back to the Wrecking Crew (Harley’s first factory racing team) and Polynesia prints. The collection runs the gamut of henleys, vests, pants, and leather jackets, giving you the option to pick and choose the style that’s right for you. Sadly, putting the jacket on won’t make you as cool as Jason Momoa, but it’ll make you at least feel pretty damn cool.

Cool Materials Ballistipac Image

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