Guys get accused of not caring about hygiene and skin care, but that’s not really fair. We just don’t care about skin care packages that require a video course to learn how to use them in the proper order and that we have to replace every month. Bread & Butter breaks it down to the basics. Divided into 2 kits – one for summer and another for winter. Each kit contains bottles marked “Clean” or “Moist” so there’s no question as to what it’s for. The winter kit comes with lip balm for those cold dry days and the summer kid has built in SPF sunblock.

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Mizzen+Main has redefined workplace wardrobe with clothes that feel like athletic wear and look like custom tailored fits. Built on the belief that men deserve comfortable clothes that come with confidence, Mizzen+Main combine performance fabrics with modern silhouettes to create clothes that look great and feel even better. Machine-washable dress shirts made of light, breathable, sweat-wicking, wrinkle resistant, and active stretch material. Jackets, pants and pullovers that share similar properties and look just as good. Walk into work, the weekend and everywhere in between looking your best. Upgrade your wardrobe with Mizzen+Main today.