With summer in our rear view and a harsh autumn in the forecast, it’s time to start thinking about outerwear. We love sweater weather as much as the next guys, but for crying out loud, we’re tired of seeing the same old pea coats, cardigans, and flannels. We get it, bro—you listen to Bob Dylan and like the smell of dirt. But what about the alternative classics? Take, for instance, the bomber jacket. Simple, clean, rugged—a garment truly made for the man who wants to look good, but knows what it’s like to get his hands dirty.

Even though the bomber jacket was invented nearly a century ago, it’s still popular today, and if you don’t have one hanging in your closet, it’s time for that to change. Here are 7 bomber jackets for your wardrobe.


MA-1 Flight Jacket from Alpha Industries

Here it is—the MA-1. This rendition of the original bomber from Alpha Industries is super popular because it’s one, affordable, and two, exceptionally well made. It’s made of water resistant medium weight nylon; a knit waistband, cuffs, and collar; and the zipper closure with storm flap guarantees comfort from temperatures of 25 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The jackets come in beige, navy, black, forest and emerald greens, and two different shades of grey, and are also reversible—the inside of each is a loud Indian Orange, in case of emergencies. $140


Bomber Air Jacket from Han Kjobenhavn

Classic and stylish, this medium weight (it looks a little thin, to be honest) bomber from Han Kjobenhavn features a ribbed waistband, cuffs, and collar; a 100 percent nylon shell; a full quilted polyester lining; and a small utility pocket with silver utility zip closure. Simple and straight to the point. $163


Crew Wallace & Barnes MA-1 Bomber Jacket

A little more casual than a traditional bomber, this lightweight nylon jacket from J. Crew pays careful homage to the classic, but with a pinch of casual tossed in for good measure. Typical ribbed collar and cuffs, partially ribbed waistband, and a soft cotton lining make this jacket ideal for early autumn sweater weather. You’ll need something light under it for the cooler evenings, but versatility is a good thing. $178


CPO Nylon Summer Bomber Jacket

We love the look of this lightweight bomber-style getup by the folks at CPO. It comes with the same standard heavy-duty zippers you’d expect on a normal bomber, as well as a knit waistband, collar, and cuffs. Its lightweight fabric makes it a great selection for the early fall or Indian Summer. $79


Rothco MA-1 Flight Jacket

No, that price tag isn’t a typo. Fifty bucks gets you a classic MA-1-style flight jacket with a ribbed collar, cuffs, and waistband, along with the standard water repellent outer shell, a poly fiberfill lining, and four front pockets. Rothco is essentially an Army/Navy tactical gear supplier, and definitely not your typical “menswear brand,” which means their gear is made for function, not form. $50


Victorinox Lithographer Jacket

Billed as a “tailored heritage-feel bomber,” the Lithographer Jacket by Victorinox is everything you’d expect from a brand known for manufacturing some of the highest quality, most versatile gear on the planet. Style and function meet in the middle with the Lithographer Jacket, which features a tailored-style slim fit, moleskin dobby fabric, quality knit ribbing around the cuffs and collar, a sturdy high-quality zipper, and a storm flap to keep the wind from cutting through the creases. It breathes, but it insulates. $395


Levi’s Thermore Quilted Bomber

A stylish and practical bomber that’s both affordable and good for the environment, the Levi’s Thermore Quilted Bomber is a staff favorite here at Cool Material. Super warm military-inspired quilting pattern, standard front zip closure, welt hand pockets, and—best of all—it’s lined with Levi’s Thermore insulation, which is made using recycled plastics. If you want to be warm and eco-friendly this fall, this is your huckleberry. $128

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