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Insanely Decorated Cars and Vehicles

Insanely Decorated Cars and Vehicles


What drives someone to go all out decorating their car? Sometimes it’s a special occasion, sometimes it’s marketing and sometimes it’s just for the attention. We’re not talking paint jobs and new rims… some folks cover their vehicles with cameras, old tires and even fur. Check out 13 of the most insanely decorated cars and vehicles.

The Camera Van

Google ain’t the only ones who can take a picture from any angle while driving down the street. In fact, The Camera Van did it first. The Camera Van doesn’t have a fancy 360 degree camera mounted to the top, but instead over 2700 cameras all over it. Photographer Harrod Blank started the project back in 1995 covering his van in dozens of working cameras which eventually became thousands. The cameras aren’t just about unique camera angles, but pieces of car art that form a cool pattern over the surface of the van, including the top which suitably spells out “smile.” Source

The Phone Car

Transforming a car isn’t always about smiles and fun projects—it’s about what makes the world go ’round: advertising. Howard Davis, owner of his phone company Datel Communications, created the phone car to go along with his alter ego/marketing persona Teleman (who instead of fighting crime combats the injustice of expensive long distance bills). This unrecognizable 1975 Beetle is (believe it or not) street legal. The tinted windshield which looks like a number pad from the outside allows the driver to see clearly. And of course you can’t decorate a car to look like a phone without modding the horn to sound like a telephone ring. Source


No one would ever dare cut you off while driving this beast of a car. Tirezilla, covered with a whole junkyard full of tire scraps makes you feel like the apocalypse is already here when you catch a glimpse of it in your rearview. Its vicious teeth, deadly spikes and pointy tail really make it look and feel like a living monster that will eat any car that gets in its way. Tirezilla, designed by art students at University of Kansas scared the judges into submission at the Art Car Show in Nebraska last year. Source

Bunny Car

They could have slapped some silly pink bunny ears on top of a car and called it a day, but the designers behind the Bunny Car may have actually used some kind of genetic splicing to achieve this hairy automobile. The Bunny Car is completely covered in fur (including the windshield wipers and hubcaps), has big floppy ears on top and even has whiskers where the grill would be. If we didn’t know any better we’d expect this thing to hop down the road. Source

Post-it Note Car

This may not classify as “decoration” per say as it’s more suitably placed under the “prank” category. The Post-it Note Car was once the boss’s Jaguar and became an office memo when employees covered with hundreds of colored post-it notes (presumably on their lunch break). What exactly did Walt do to deserve this? Maybe he Jell-O’d someone’s stapler. Source

Peacock Car

If you can’t afford the Lamborghini you’re going to have to come up with another way to get attention on the road. And if we’ve learned anything from watching Animal Planet we all know that the Peacock is the animal kingdom’s biggest attention whore. The Peacock Car shows off your true colors with tons of colorful feathers, a massive peacock head hood ornament (compensating much?) and huge expanding tail feathers that make sure all eyes are on you. Source

Moss Car

Unless this car is actually made of moss and runs on hopes and dreams it’s not as “green” as it looks. Of course being a Beatle it’s more fuel efficient than a lot of the giant gas guzzlers we see on the road. And it certainly makes you think about what a beautiful green planet we could have if we all made smarter decisions. Or maybe it’s just another crazy looking car that you’ll forget about by the time you get down to the Shark Truck. Source

Shark Pick Up Truck

If you don’t have a pickup because you need to lug around lumber and equipment, then you have one because they’re badass and manly. That being the case, why not take it to the next step and decorate your truck like the most menacing animal you can think of? Making its way inland to scare pedestrians rather than swimmers, the Shark Pick Up Truck designed by artist Patrick Amiot is the most cold-blooded vehicle since the Hummer. Source

Great Sphinx Bus

Truly a monument to behold, the Great Sphinx Bus demands attention like no other decorated vehicle. Modeled after the noseless Great Sphinx of Giza this bus stands out on the road in much the same way the giant monolith must stand out in the middle of the desert. Why anyone would need such an elaborate bus could only be answered by the ancient Egyptians. Source

Beach Station Wagon

Forget ordinary wood paneling. This beach themed Station Wagon is decorated with actual drift wood from the beach… not to mention sand, seashells and other fishy stuff. Even the back windows get a oceanic update and were replaced with nautical netting. Good thing it wasn’t modeled after the Jersey Shore or else we’d also be seeing syringes and broken glass all over this car. Source

Snake Car

If the slicked back hair, high-collared suit and Jersey accent weren’t enough to portray what a slimy guy you are then maybe you should be driving the Snake Car. If a car covered in snake skin from roof to rims with a matching snakeskin interior wasn’t enough for you then Wait! There’s more! The Snake Car is covered in snakes (all fake we think?) and comes with $3500 in camera equipment… so you can finally record that commercial for your car dealership/loan shark business. Source

Political Message Van

A few bumper stickers lets the world know that you’re opinionated, but if you’re at the point where you’re erecting banners on top of your car then no one is listening to your crazy. From what we can manage to read this pushy political message van isn’t pushing hot button issues like capital punishment (there’s another car out there with an electric chair strapped to the top for that topic). This car insists that you know that “Smoking is healthier than fascism!” Source

Guitar Motorcycle

The Guitarbike can bring a tear to the eye of anyone dreaming to become a traveling musician with a love for the open road. Possibly the first guitar shaped vehicle, Ray Nelson started it in his garage in San Jose back in 1981 and has since appeared on the Discovery Channel, The Country Music Awards and Ripley’s Believe it or Not. He claims that it’s the only guitar that’s been driven across the good ol’ US of A. Source

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