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We’re not exactly sure if the Thundertruck was inspired by Tesla’s Cybertruck, or if the Cybertruck is just a lesser version of what your see here. Either way, the Thundertruck is about as radical and as ingenious as electric pickups can get. Wolfgang’s Thundertruck is just a concept for now, but the company plans to build it for real.

The stealth fighter-like body on an elevated suspension provides plenty of ground clearance, and you can choose between 4×4 and 6×6 configurations. Power output ranges between 800 and 940 hp, and all-electric range options are 400 and 560 miles. The company states the Thundertruck will hurtle to 60 mph in a mere 3.5 seconds, and that’s just in the base configuration. It also includes a crazy solar awning setup that retracts into roof-mounted pods, as well as a built-in tent, pull-out storage, mobile powerbank capability, a Range Extender Unit for the 6×6, and a crazy onboard drone that provides real-time info on the terrain ahead. Elon might want to go back to the drawing board.

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