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As the bike market becomes more about performance and high-tech advancements, I’m trying to find a balance between engineering and aesthetics. Luckily for me, Velotric’s Discover 1 has made that easy.

Providing a subtle, almost retro design, the Discover 1 gives its riders a sense of comfort and style when riding. Considered a commuter bike, it’s not going to have the ruggedness of some of its e-bikes cousins – but that’s a good thing. It’s a simple, effective way to get from point A to point B, all while making the riding experience as comfortable as possible.

Looking under the proverbial hood, this bike packs a punch way above its slim design. It’s got a 500W high-performance motor and a 65Nm torque for a smooth, exciting, and effortless riding experience. Couple that with an ergonomic, integrated design from handlebars to seat and you have yourself a comfortable ride ahead. And since this is an e-bike, I’d be remiss to mention the battery life of this bad boy. It’s got a 60-mile range on a single charge, giving this an advantage over similar bikes in its price range and class.

Discover 1 has all the bells and whistles of a bike that’s twice its price tag, but doesn’t compromise on style. At just under $1400 and free shipping, it’s a great bike to take you around town or go explore some of those back roads that are calling your name this summer.


Whether you’re talking about their knives, everyday carry gear or collaborative pieces, every single thing that bears The James Brand name is built-to-last, incredibly useful and purposefully designed. While we’re incredibly fond and reliant on all of their options, The Elko–their most minimal pocket knife–is our current favorite. Designed to attach to your keychain / EDC with the included titanium keychain, this small but mighty Swedish 12C27 stainless steel blade with anodized aluminum handles is the perfect tiny blade for all your everyday needs. If your EDC doesn’t include The Elko, you’re missing out, so get yours today.