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Sydney-based Australian bike builder Edi Buffon–better known as custom shop Machine 1867–has been transforming otherwise great stock motorcycles into truly otherworldly creations that expertly combine vintage style and modern construction in a way that few other builders can. Case in point–the Machine 1867 KTM 620 Enduro Custom Bobber Motorcycle you see here. Buffon was inspired by a 1920s American-made Ace motorcycle in a vintage bike book he was perusing and used it as an idea to convert a 2000-model KTM 620 LC4 Enduro donor bike into the scratch-built bobber you see here. Outside of the aluminum radiators that are mounted front and center, this bike retains its throwback vibe and vintage style throughout and is one of the few bikes that we’d happily shell out a couple dozen grand for if it was actually for sale. In the meantime, we’ll just have to stare at the impeccable construction and perfect detailing through the screen.


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