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Those who can’t buy Ferraris build LEGO versions of them, and the latest beauty is the Prancing Horse’s pride and joy. The 3,778-piece LEGO Technic kit adeptly mimics the real thing. Although it’s not quite as slinky as the full-sized Daytona SP3, it does show off the car’s mid-mounted V12 engine that delivers 829 horsepower. Even the eight-speed automatic transmission and the accompanying shift paddles are present. The engine’s pistons move, the butterfly doors deploy, and the trunk opens. When finished, after several hours of joy and pain, the LEGO Technic Ferrari Daytona SP3 measures in at a substantial 23 inches long, 14 inches tall (doors up?), and 9.5 inches wide, so it will occupy some serious desk space. Who needs a computer, anyway. Kits cost $400, a fraction of the real car’s $2.25 million asking price.

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While we’re well aware that almost every single new “feature-packed” iPhone release is just a clever re-imagining of something Android users had years ago, we remain loyal to the brand because of the simplicity, streamlined ecosystem, usability and overall style. But we’ll also be the first to admit that we loathe the upgrade pricing structure. Or at least we used to before Boost InfiniteBoost Infinite hooks us all up with unlimited talk, text and data, along with the latest iPhone every year for only $60/month with Boost Infinite Access for iPhone plan.  Yes, you read that correctly. Yearafter yearafter yearBoost Infinite will hook you up with the latest and greatest with this incredible offer and one low monthly price when you sign up.

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