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The 1986 Top Gun movie might be remembered more for its beach volleyball and motorcycle scenes than for its dogfighting sequences, and that irony isn’t lost on us. The latter scene shows Tom Cruise rocketing alongside an F-14 Tomcat while fist-pumping on a Kawasaki Ninja GPz900R. Chicago-based Federal Moto has reimagined Cruise’s bike for the modern age using a GPz1100 as the base bike. The sportbike gets a fresh 3D-printed tail, a headlight nacelle housing with a Motogadget Motoscope Pro, and two thick vertical LED strips with both headlights and turn signals in single units. The Danger Zone also receives new engine velocity stacks, a CB1100 tank, custom subframe and saddle, and a custom exhaust. It might not actually resemble Maverick’s bike, but it imparts a muscularity and raciness all its own.


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