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Every once in a while, a truly legendary race car hits the auction block. Mecum just so happens to be putting up the famous No. DC-93 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona that driver Buddy Baker took to a then insane speed of 200.447 mph on March 24th, 1970 at Talladega. It was the very first race car to hit 200 mph on a closed-circuit course, and it went on to influence future Chrysler race cars thanks to innovations like directional fins that directed airflow to the radiator, a sealed nose bottom and flared quarter panels to improve aerodynamics, and the first use of a dry-sump to lower the engine and boost power. It has also been helmed by the likes of Don White, Bobby Allison, Dan Gurney, Bobby Isaac, and James Hylton. The blue and white, huge-winged speed demon is now owned by NASCAR crew chief, Ray Evernham, and the Blue No. 88 livery remains exactly the same as when it commanded the track. The original engine, a booming 6.9-liter EX-144 V8 with 575 galloping horses is still under the long hood. Look for it to command some serious coin when all is said and done.

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