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  • Brabus-Crawler-3a
  • Brabus-Crawler-4a
  • Brabus-Crawler-5a
  • Brabus-Crawler-6a
  • Brabus-Crawler-7a
  • Brabus-Crawler-8a
  • Brabus-Crawler-9a

Brabus is one of the best car and moto customizers in the business, and now they’re going even crazier with the Brabus Crawler, a Mercedes Gelandewagen (G-Wagen) with an open-air roll cage, carbon fiber body panels, and a twin-turbo V8 good for 888 snorting horses of power. There’s no glass surrounding the occupants, only fresh air and the sound of that booming V8 engine (and perhaps some sand in the teeth). The roll cage is made from high-strength tubular steel, and there are also roof-mounted rally lights, four racing seats with full harnesses, off-road tires, upgraded suspension with 6.3 inches of travel, and rugged skid plates underneath. It’s not street legal, so you’ll only be able to shock onlookers off-pavement. Only fifteen will be made over the next three years.

High Five

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