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Rumors of an Apple Car were spread, debunked, and then revived, but nobody really knows what the truth is. UK-based vehicle leasing company Vanarama has rendered its own version based on supposed patents the tech giant filed. This vision of what the Apple Car could look like shows off a flat-sided, white-frosted, and pillarless car that seems part Apple product and part giant Automoblox toy car. Other Apple cues include the upright illuminated logos, thin LED lights, and the metal mesh grille. Inside, there are more clear signs of Cupertino style with a huge touchscreen dash, a minimalist Siri-enabled steering wheel, and large swaths of matte metal finish not unlike an iMac. While it’s anyone’s guess as to whether or not Apple will actually make its own EV/autonomous car and what it will look like, this rendering seems like the most detailed attempt.


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