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Fashion brand Aimé Leon Dore brought a healthy dose of nostalgia to its latest collaboration with renowned car manufacturer Porsche. Aimé Leon Dore has collaborated with a suite of brands but its latest link-up is by far the best. Founder Teddy Santis teamed up with Porsche to assist in designing a Porsche 911 SC replete with vintage vibes and miles of style. Originally released in ’78, the SC (Super Carrera) featured a five-speed 915 transmission and a 3.0-liter flat engine. In 1984 the SC was replaced by the 911 Carrera so this collaboration is truly a blast from the past.

The exterior paint job of the ALD 911SC reminds us of a blend of dijon and glossy caramel and Santis added the charming touch of a retro roof rack. The interior is decked out with beaded seat covers, white leather, and beautiful floral patterns. Sadly the car isn’t for sale though you can admire the collaboration at ALD flagship location in NYC between May 21st – 23rd. While we’d love the chance to get behind the wheel of this one-of-a-kind car, it’s encouraging to see car brands work with talented designers to bring their own flair to the auto world.

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