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Meet the Ooni Koda 2 Max Outdoor Oven

Ooni's largest pizza oven yet can fit a full 20" New York-style pizza or simultaneously cook two 12" pizzas or three 10" pizzas.


In Partnership with Ooni

Even bad pizza is still pizza. But Ooni makes crafting delicious, crowd-pleasing pies easier, and the newest model from the brand, the Ooni Koda 2 Max, brings things to a new level. A bigger, party-pleasing level.

If you have ever made your own pizza–hell, if you have even thought about making your own pizza–then there’s a good chance you are familiar with Ooni. Scotland-based husband and wife founders Kristian Tapaninaho and Darina Garland launched the first Ooni pizza oven in 2012 to solve a problem: Really good pizza needs really high heat. That first model was a portable pellet pizza oven that could cook a restaurant-quality, Neapolitan-style pie in just 60 seconds in your backyard.

These days, there’s an Ooni pizza oven for all preferences: gas, wood pellet, or multi-fuel for outdoors, or electric ovens for when you want to take your pizza making inside.

With the Koda 2 Max, the name makes immediate sense. This thing is big. No more lines that start to build up as you cook one pizza at a time as your guests try sharing a single 10” pizza while the oven gets back to temp. The Koda 2 Max is more than just ample cooking space, it also has a full suite of targeted controls that make the oven just as good for making multiple courses–from seafood, to steaks, to desserts and everything in between–as it is for cooking what is arguably humanity’s favorite food.

Supersized 24” Cooking Area

Say you are having a hard time picturing what 2 feet of cooking area looks like in a pizza oven. It is large. To turn cooking area measurements into pizza measurements, the 24” space can comfortably fit one 20” New York-style pizza, or if personal pies are more the vibe, two 12” pizzas or three 10” pizzas simultaneously.

Dual-zone Cooking

All that space inside is covered by two independently controlled gas burners. For one, that makes a consistent heat across the oven possible for larger pizzas and other dishes. But because the burners are independently controlled, that also means one side can be ripping hot while the other sits at a nice high-medium.

Ooni Connect App Functionality

Keep track of the oven’s temperature with the Ooni Connect app, giving you back your time to handle prep work and socialize with your guests. It puts the accurate temperature reading of inside the oven right on your phone to ensure you don’t miss the perfect window to start cooking your pie.

Digital Temperature Hub

Timing matters when cooking pizza–particularly the timing of waiting until the exact right temperature before putting it in the oven. A front-mounted display shows the temperature in real time, all the way up to the max 950 degrees Fahrenheit.

Removable Glass Visor

Keep the heat inside with the removable, 1/4″-thick, heat proof glass visor. The glass allows you to see what’s going on inside, and it easily comes off for dishes that need all the space possible.

Advanced Ooni G2 Gas Technology

That independent dual-side burner is aided by Ooni G2 Gas Technology, which is specially designed for maximum fuel efficiency while also eliminating cold pockets for an even heat.

3⁄4′′ Cordierite Pizza Stones

Ooni’s largest pizza oven has plenty of space for the brand’s thickest pizza stones that keep the heat. That means less recharge time between sets of pies.


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