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Wedge Motorcycle Honda CB1100EX Custom

Wedge Motorcycle Honda CB1100EX Custom

When you put a classic Honda moto in the hands of Wedge Motorcycle’s Takashi Nihira, the result is an understated beauty. This 2016 Honda CB110EX is his latest build, done for a customer who wanted a custom bike he could ride every day. Nihira had to work around the big 1,140 cc inline-four engine and its robust frame. Its modern electronics are still intact, wiring has been tucked away, and the bike runs like a gem. The Moriwaki headers and mufflers have been modified and coated black, the brake master cylinder has been upgraded to Brembo, and the vintage-style tires fitted onto the 18″ wheels look properly chunky. The most important aspect of the bike might just be the least noticeable. The straight body line that incorporates the body work, fuel tank, seat, and even the headlight. Even the seat has been slimmed down and tapered to blend in. The root beer paint color contrasts nicely with the silver frame for understated beauty. It’s not just a stunning bike, but it also rides like a dream according to the very happy client.

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