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Turn Up the Nostalgia: Ready To Drink SunnyD Vodka Seltzers Are Here

Turn Up the Nostalgia: Ready To Drink SunnyD Vodka Seltzers Are Here

SunnyD was originally developed in 1963 by two Florida dads. By the 1990s it had developed a dedicated fan base and a run of classic commercials. In 2017, Harvest HIll Beverage Company purchased the company and has seen 30 percent growth since 2019. Now, hitting that nostalgia for the 90s hard and meeting people where they are, the brand recently launched its own version of a vodka seltzer. Considering that SunnyD is already a natural mixer, the brand is a good fit for people who want that same flavor without having to do the mixing themselves.

“We’ve heard for years that our adult consumers are already mixing SunnyD with Vodka,” Ilene Bergenfeld, chief marketing officer at Harvest Hill Beverage Company, tells Cool Material. “With the Ready To Drink cocktail industry continuing to grow, we decided there is no better time to create the drink people who grew up on SunnyD have been asking for.”

After conducting a blind taste test, SunnyD discovered that consumers were impressed with the taste of its new vodka seltzer, considering it unique within the hard seltzer category. The majority of those surveyed (57 percent) felt that it was better than the hard seltzers they typically consume, citing its great color, texture, and aroma. They also praised the product’s aftertaste, finding it very refreshing and easy to drink. Additionally, 85 percent of respondents believed that the flavor was unique, with 87 percent stating that it was unlike any other hard seltzer they’ve tasted before.

“It’s a crowded segment to play in, so our biggest hurdle was making sure we really stood out,” Bergenfeld says.

It worked: 72 percent of people in the blind taste test agreed that this product differed from others currently on the market. Reviewers found the orange taste to be strong and full of flavor, making it a stand-out option in the hard seltzer category.

SunnyD Vodka Seltzer hit select Walmarts across the country in four-packs for about $10. Each can has a 4.5 percent ABV and contains 95 calories.

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