When it comes to men’s gifts for the home, you have inexpensive things like coasters and kitchen tools, and more expensive pieces like Blacksaw blankets and framed artwork. Hell, if you really love someone, go ahead and buy them a new fridge or flat screen. The point is, this gift guide is a hodgepodge of home good awesomeness, one filled with an array of different items we love. The only qualification? It improves someone’s home in some way. Have at it.


Moon Puzzle

A challenging puzzle that celebrates the momentous achievement of the Apollo 11 launch – the historic mission to the Moon.


Best Made Co. First Aid Kit

Everyone should have a first aid kit. Why not make it one that’s sturdy, portable and beautiful?


Wahl Elite Pro Clipper

[Partner] Wahl has been one of the go-to names in the world of clippers and trimmers for as long as we can remember because their products are durable, effective and affordable. The Wahl Elite Pro Clipper, the most powerful corded clipper from the brand, combines self-sharpening precision blades, a powerful motor with 15% more torque, and premium stainless steel reinforced guide combs to give you a great haircutting experience without ever leaving your home.


Pacific Shaving Company Shaving Essentials

[Partner] Pacific Shaving Company has been making some of our favorite effective and affordable shaving essentials for almost two decades. Their Made in the USA shaving products are all formulated with safe, natural and plant-derived ingredients, so whether you’re trimming and maintaining a beard or keeping your mug fresh and clean, they have something for everyone on your list.


Le Labo Palo Santo 14 Candle

Candles are about two things – the scent and the container. This Le Labo crushes both. See what we did there?


Steve McQueen Framed Photo

What better way to add some art to your pad with a framed print of “The King of Cool” lounging in the tub with his wife?


Blacksaw Blankets

Heirloom quality, sustainable and ethical materials, and badass designs make these the perfect gift for someone who appreciates comfort and aesthetics.


Japanese Tool Boxes

Classic designs, Japanese quality, and moderate pricing make these tool boxes a great choice for the artists and makers on your list.


Turkish Towels

Premium Turkish long-fiber cotton towels that pack down to the size of a burrito makes them a great choice for home, the beach and travel.


Rin Wall-Mounted Coat Hanger

Movable steel hooks on this stylish coatrack allow you to easily accommodate a variety of coats, hats, and bags in your home.


The Voyager Golden Record

A set of records encoded with information about humanity’s life on Earth, launched into interstellar space with the intention of giving anyone or anything out there a time capsule of our culture, including music, mathematics, literature, and much more.


Boxing Bells

Many epic twelve-rounders kicked off with a gong from bell just like this. Ali. Tyson. Sugar Ray Robinson. They all knew the sound well. Now you can too.


YETI LoadOut GoBox

Thanks to their 100% waterproof and crush-resistant construction, these can withstand brutal summer heat and gonad-freezing temps with aplomb, and they’re easily transportable.


NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander

This highly detailed replica of the Lunar Lander is built out of just over one thousand pieces and includes both the ascent and descent stage with gold-colored accents, astronaut minifigs, NASA decals, and tool compartments.


Hide & Drink Fire Bag

Anyone who owns a fireplace knows how important a carrier is. Just ask their sleeves. The Hide & Drink Fire Bag is handmade using waxed canvas and full grain leather, making it a great choice for a gift.

Proof Rover

Yes, you read that correctly, and no, we don’t invoke the Land Rover without absolute certainty our claims will be delivered on. Whether you opt for the straight or slim option, each pair of pants in the Proof Rover Collection calls upon the name of a certain all-terrain vehicle for a reason–they’re durable, comfortable and capable of handling any obstacle in their way–all while looking damn good in the process. They feel like sweats, they age like raw denim and they’re as durable as the most classic work pants. When you want to check all the boxes–with all of the color options–you need to buy Proof Rover Pants today.

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