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Jeep Wrangler Magneto 2.0

Jeep Wrangler Magneto 2.0

Jeep always delivers a fusillade of custom Mopar-festooned vehicles for Moab’s annual Jeep Easter Safari. This year is no exception, especially when you take note of the Jeep Wrangler Magneto 2.0. So named for its electric powertrain, the Magneto 2.0 is the second coming of last year’s Magneto concept. But in addition to a manual transmission and two-door configuration, the 2.0 gets a custom motor with a race-car inspired inverter that provides 10 seconds of electric-nitrous-like propulsion to the tune of 624 horsepower and 850 foot-pounds of torque. It launches to 60 mph from a dead stop in an unheard-of 2 seconds flat. And so you know it’s still very much a Wrangler, the Magneto 2.0 also gets a three-inch lift kit, 40-inch tires, and a Rock-Trac transfer case from the rugged Rubicon. Too bad it’ll never reach production because, well, it’s awesome.

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