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Bandit9 EVE Odyssey

Bandit9 EVE Odyssey

Bandit9 out of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam has just made its most radical motorcycle known as the EVE Odyssey. Based on its EVE Concept bike, the new limited production run motorcycle is actually sleeker than the original. The totally custom-made aluminum alloy frame retains the tank, headlight, and electronics within the long teardrop body. The engine is a small-displacement 125cc Honda engine, but the shop will soon build an all-electric version. The EVE Odyssey also gets a mono-shock rear suspension and a single-sided swingarm. The total absence of fenders and windscreen, the minimalist single seat, and the black and white colorway give it a truly futuristic spacecraft look. The mere fact that you can actually buy one for what seems like peanuts is shocking. Time to break out the Daft Punk helmet you bought on eBay.

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