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Atari is Making a New Console

Atari is Making a New Console

Atari hasn’t been a relevant name in hardware production in years, so their recent announcement of an impending console release came as a surprise. What’s more is the console doesn’t seem to be the retro collection box you’d expect. Instead of packing games into an updated system the way the NES Classic did, the Ataribox will contain thoroughly modern internals. Whether that means the Ataribox is going to feature new, exclusive releases or simply make ports of modern games is yet to be seen, though we’d speculate there will be some brand new games made just for the new console. Overall, we’re excited. This should shake up the relative monotony of the standard console debate and for those of you who think this might not be a great move, we’d remind you of what people said about Microsoft releasing the original Xbox. More news is expected, so we’ll keep you up to date with any developments.

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