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The New Hendo Hoverboard

The New Hendo Hoverboard

Back to the Future Day was filled with highs and lows. We saw working Air Mags, but they’re going to be impossible to get. The Cubs played, but they lost and were eliminated from the playoffs. Toyota made Marty’s pickup, but it’s not going into production. But there was one more high before the day was out—Hendo has unveiled the latest step in its creation of a working hoverboard. Yes, the item from Back to the Future is closer to becoming a reality. For starters, the design is different—now you have an actual skateboard as a riding platform. And under the deck, where the wheels would be attached, are the hoverboard engines, so, theoretically, you’ll be able to shift and move like you would if you were skateboarding. Battery life has also been improved, as has the engine power, and USB connectivity and a safety kill switch has been added. No word on when you can actually buy one.

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