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Trevor FTR Stella Electric Flat Tracker Dirt Bike

Trevor FTR Stella Electric Flat Tracker Dirt Bike

A couple years ago, multidisciplinary artist Philippe Stella and motoring professional Jeroen-Vincent Nagels decided to combine their decades of experience and launch Trevor Motorcycles out of Belgium. The idea for the brand of clean, electric dirt bikes was born while the two of them were collaborating on The Mighty Machines MM.01 and using a vintage dirt bike to get to and from town. After some sketches, experiments and iterations, the Trevor FTR (as in flat track racer) Stella was born. There are very few bikes that can stand on either their looks or a spec sheet alone, but this upcoming bike from Trevor does both easily. Interchangeable 2.6 kWh Lithium Ion battery pack by Sarolea Performance. Molybdenum Trellis frame by Workhorse Speedshop. Ohlins custom 43 front fork and STX 46 rear shock. 11kW air-cooled brushless DC motor. Beringer brakes. 19″ Haan Excel spoke wheels wrapped in Dunlop DT3 rubber. Top speed of 50 mph with a range of up to 3 hours. Couple that with the sleek, stripped down design and the monochrome with accents colorway and you have a bike that looks great on the street or in the dirt.

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