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New Motorcycles From Ronin Motor Works

New Motorcycles From Ronin Motor Works

The story of the forty-seven Ronin is centuries old and described by Japanese scholars as the country’s national legend. Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen the Keanu Reeves movie about the tale–the wandering samurais ultimately avenge their master. The people at Buell have always done things differently when it comes to their motorcycles, but in 2009 Harley-Davidson eliminated the Buell brand and started liquidating the 1125 series motorcycles. The guys behind Ronin Motor Works rescued 47 of the “ronin” 1125 series Buell motorcycles for their The 47 project. Each of the bikes that rolls out of production at Ronin Motor Works looks different than most everything else on the market. Different linkage fork. Frontal cooling system with integrated lamps. RFID “key.” Indicators built into the handlebars. LED taillight. All of these features get built onto a modified Buell 1125 engine and wheels. The final product is as beautiful from an engineering perspective as it is pretty to look at. Each bike is being named for an actual ronin from the tale, and they’re being released in six batches.

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