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McLaren Elva

McLaren Elva

The minds at McLaren have been delivering a wide swath of exotics lately including the track-focused Senna, the user-friendly GT, and the wind-cheating Speedtail. But it’s their latest offering that has us going nuts, and it’s the open-top, windscreen-less Elva two-seat roadster. It also looks like no other McLaren to come before it. The carbon-fiber heavy construction means the car is rigid and light, lighter than any McLaren. Even the seats are made of the stuff. It gets powered by a 804-horsepower twin-turbo V8 to the rear wheels and stops via race-ready, heat-dissipating carbon-ceramic brakes. The Elva has no windscreen and no roof, making it the brand’s first open-cockpit car. Lest you think driving it will be like sitting in a wind tunnel, McLaren has created active air management that sends air over you and your frightened passenger. Still, we’d advise helmets because, you know, bugs. But also break out your wallet because it’ll cost $1.69 million and only 399 units will be made.

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