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Light Rider 3D Printed Electric Motorcycle Concept

Light Rider 3D Printed Electric Motorcycle Concept

We’ve seen plenty of cool 3D printed products, but nothing like APWorks new Light Rider 3D Printed Electric Motorcycle Prototype. Designed and built by aerospace specialists, the 3D printed Light Rider weighs only 77lbs, can do 0-28mph in 3 seconds, has a top speed of 50mph and a range of 37 miles. By using bionic algorithms to define the organic frame structure using Altair’s OptiStruct, the aerospace approved approach gives the bike superb stiffness and optimal material use. While the electric bike that looks like it grew out of a frame designed by H.R. Giger is only a prototype at this point, APWorks does have plans to produce a small series of the Light Rider that will be street legal.

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