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Hyde Designs Octavia Cafe Racer

Hyde Designs Octavia Cafe Racer

We’ve featured quite a few different bikes, builds and mods that were heavy on futuristic styling with angular lines and a stripped down profile, but the Octavia from Hyde Designs is unlike everything that’s come before. Believe it or not, this fantastic piece of machinery is the first release from a small shop in Cape Town, South Africa, and was built in six months by Jens Henkel and a group of friends. Built on the BMW G650 X Challenge platform for its reliable 650 Rotax engine, open swingarm and frame, Octavia took on a life all its own after Hyde Designs had their way with it. The bike that looks absolutely nothing like its predecessor features a serious amount of custom work (most notably the tank and tail) and is just as much a piece of art you can ride as it is a motorcycle.

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