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Cake Kalk Ink

Cake Kalk Ink

Minimalism and electric power on a motorcycle can be intimidating or just plain fun. The new Swedish Cake Kalk Ink falls into the latter camp with its love of trails. The bike is based on its excellent Kalk Or but it adds a simpler suspension, more robust wheels while still employing aluminum construction and an 11-kW motor good for up to 50 mph. The 51.8-V/50-Ah removable battery will deliver as much as three hours of riding. The bike weighs in at a mere 121 pounds dry and only adds 37 pounds from the battery for some agile and playful riding. There are even three dialable riding modes, ranging from the calmer “Explore” to the “Enduro” for trails, and the top-performing “Excite” for more torque that sacrifices range and riding time. It retails for $9,500 with a single battery and $12,500 with a second battery.

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