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Volkswagen Motorized Office Chair Concept

Volkswagen Motorized Office Chair Concept

The Norwegian commercial division of Volkswagen has mocked up a concept for an electric-powered motorized office chair. It’s unlikely this chair will ever go into production but the designs suggest some serious thought was given to this idea. The office chair would achieve max speeds of 12 MPH and feature LED lights, a horn, and a 360-degree rearview camera. The designers made the chair from a Volkswagen’s heated car seat with added armrests an a base attached to five wheels. The battery powered chair also sports a range of 7.8 miles.

While this motorized office chair, dubbed “The Chair,” won’t become a reality, it’s amusing to consider the ramifications of an office full of workers zipping around at 12 MPH. For us lazy workers who’d prefer to scoot around than get up to grab a drink of water, this would truly be a gamechanger.

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