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2024 Volkswagen ID.7

2024 Volkswagen ID.7

The German brand’s EV flagship borrows some styling cues from its ID.4 crossover sibling but takes the slinky sedan route. The ID.7 is longer, leaner, more attractive, and better appointed, too. The ID.7 will provide around 300 miles for the rear-wheel-drive version, and there will also be an all wheel-drive version that gets 0-60 mph in the low 5-second range, making it plenty quick. The ID.7’s driving dynamics are aided by adaptive damping, too. The new EV will get fresh tech like an augmented-reality head-up display that includes speedometer and speed limit projection 11 feet ahead, while navigation shows up about 33 feet in front of the vehicle, as viewed by the driver. There will also be optional ergoActive seats that provide 14-way adjustability, as well as an automatic climate mode with temperature and moisture sensors in the seat. The air cushions in the seats can also provide pressure-point massage. Finally, the roof is a photochromic polymer-dispersed liquid crystal unit that acts as “smart glass” that can transition from transparent to opaque using a dial or voice control. We don’t know pricing or trim levels yet, but that should all be disclosed before the ID.7 debuts in 2024.

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