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Ranger Station’s Latest Candle Smells Like Nostalgic Summer Nights in the Garden

The Tennessee Tomato Candle evokes rustic scenes with its farmland aromas.


Experience the essence of summer with the “Tennessee Tomato” candle from Ranger Station. Crafted to transport you to nostalgic days spent tending to a family garden, this candle captures the sun-kissed aroma of vine-ripened tomatoes and the earthy freshness of wet soil. Each whiff brings a subtle undertone of dirt under your nails, grounding you in the simplicity and warmth of a Tennessee summer.

This 8 oz. premium soy wax blend candle is hand-poured and packaged in Nashville, TN, offering over 30 hours of burn time. To make the experience even more authentic, it includes Tennessee tomato seeds for you to plant and create your own summer memories. Light up this candle and let it whisk you away to sun-drenched days and the simple joys of gardening.