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Ikea X Sonos Symfonisk Table Lamp Speaker

Ikea X Sonos Symfonisk Table Lamp Speaker

Ikea and Sonos have updated their table lamp speaker, and it now looks and functions better as a light source and as an audio speaker. The original one from a couple of years ago looked a bit like an appendage lopped off of Big Hero 6. But the new one is an attractive piece of modern furniture. It comes in black and white speaker bases with a finer mesh cover and no disc/plate bottom control portion. There are also two different types of lampshades in black or white that are sold separately. One is a wide, opaque white cylinder surrounded by a textile shade, and the other is a narrower opaque white cylinder with an open-top translucent glass shade. You can also use different bulbs on this lamp, unlike the first one, and the light controls are on the actual lamp. You can use the speaker by itself or mesh it with other Sonos audio products, and it supports Apple’s AirPlay 2. The new Symfonisk speaker lamps goes on sale October 12th.

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