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Herman Miller x HAY Colorful Eames Furniture Collection

Herman Miller x HAY Colorful Eames Furniture Collection

Mid-century modern design continues to stay relevant in fashion and interior decor. And the heir apparent of these design choices is none other than Eames. Ray and Charles Eames have had a lasting impact on the world of furniture, decor, and architecture with their functional, stylish pieces. They’ve been copied, riffed, remixed, and beloved for decades. Herman Miller, the original producers of many of the Eames’ works, has teamed up with modern Danish brand HAY to release a colorful collection of Eames furniture.

This capsule includes several chairs and tables, as well as a hanging rack, and a sofa. The Molded Plywood Lounge Chair, now in a lovely green color, is a direct nod to the original versions form the ’40s. The most eye-catching addition is the Sofa Compact, a futon inspired by a couch that Charles and Ray Eames designed for their own home. The entire collection functions as both an homage to and a loving reimagining of the original work of Ray and Charles Eames.

Pricing for the furniture starts at $345 and goes up to $6,500.

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