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Convertible Dinning/Game Table

Convertible Dinning/Game Table

The hard decisions shouldn’t be which kind of table should you get, a dinning table or a game table? They should be about whether or not you should raise or fold. While it won’t necessarily help you become a better poker player the Convertible Dinning Table will get rid of your first dilemma. At face value it looks like a classy vitreous enamel topped dinning table that’s suitable for fancy dinner parties and important conferences. But when you’re ready to get your game on a built in motor rotates the table top to reveal its other side: a gorgeous game table. As if you weren’t already drooling over the concept alone (watch the felt buddy), it’s got a wicked LED inlay around the edge that lights up 27 different colors. Of course something this beautiful and useful is worth a pretty big stack—$58330 to be precise.  Checkout Walyou for more images and info

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