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You Could Win $1 Million For Finishing This Puzzle

You Could Win $1 Million For Finishing This Puzzle

Do you remember the thrill of ripping open a cereal box hoping to find a coveted collectible toy? is bringing that sensation back with their Willy Wonka-esque “2 Million Dollar Puzzle.” When completed this 500-piece jigsaw puzzle reveals a QR code that folks can scan to win up to $1 million. There are only two puzzles with the million-dollar code (hence the “2 Million Dollar Puzzle”) but all puzzle winnings start at $1.

MSCHF, the makers of this puzzle, is a digital brand known for its audacious and impressive limited-edition releases of art, sneakers, apps, and more. In fact, they’re responsible for the saw blade vinyl variant of The Weeknd’s latest single. Most recently they releases a hard seltzer made with holy water. Their releases tend to sell out almost instantaneously and they’ve developed a passionate following.

The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle is available for $30 and it can be completed by anyone but you’ll need to be 18+ to redeem the prize.

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