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At first, we thought this saw blade was like that section of Route 66 that plays “America the Beautiful” as you drive on it, where it would play The Weeknd’s new single “Out of Time” as you pulled it through 2x4s or something. Then we saw that the blade is supposed to go on a turntable, which we thought was cooler and more practical, if a little less exciting. The blade comes courtesy of the same people who created Lil Nax X’s Satan Shoes, so it’s actually a little tamer as a product release. The song isn’t formed in vinyl, since that likely wouldn’t survive being spun inside a carbide-tipped saw blade like this. Instead, it’s etched into copper that’s then mounted to the side of the blade. Only 25 were made and all were claimed in the recent auction held by MSCHF, so here’s hoping the Weeknd decides to make a career out of home improvement.

Proof Rover Pant

What do you get when you combine work utility, incredible durability and a stylish silhouette? In the case of a vehicle, it’s the classic Rover. In the case of a pant it’s also a Rover. Proof’s Rover Pant shares a name with one of the most iconic all-terrain vehicles of all time for that very reason. When you factor in modern upgrades like the gusseted crotch, Sorbtek-infused breathable canvas and a pigment dye that wears in like raw denim with the classic tailored fit, you get a pair of pants that can handle anything. Get yours from Huckberry today.