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Bhakta 1928 Blends Rye Whiskey with Calvados and Armagnac

Bhakta 1928 Blends Rye Whiskey with Calvados and Armagnac

WhistlePig, synonymous with top-notch American whiskey, witnessed a turning point in 2019 when founder Raj Bhakta departed to embark on a new venture. However, this departure only fueled Bhakta’s passion for spirits, culminating in the creation of something extraordinary – the Bhakta 1928. Taking the reins of a brandy cellar in Condom, France, Bhakta crafted a distinctive blend comprising XO Calvados, Armagnac dating back to 1868, and his signature rye whiskey, with a meticulous ratio of 30%, 10%, and 60%, respectively. The blend matures in virgin French oak casks, showcasing vintages from 1928 to 1996.

While we haven’t had the pleasure of sipping this intriguing elixir ourselves, Bhakta’s reputation as a maestro in the world of spirits speaks volumes. Tasting notes promise a symphony of vanilla, custard, and caramel on the nose, with dominant flavors of vanilla, oak, and spice on the palate. Priced at around $70 per bottle, Bhakta 1928 invites us to embrace the spirit of the Roaring Twenties and usher in a new era of whiskey perfection. Raj himself affirms, “Let the new boom times begin,” inviting enthusiasts to partake in this sensory journey.

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