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Win $20,000 Worth of Blanton’s Gold Bourbon During This Charity Sweepstakes


Blanton’s Gold bourbon has long been the unicorn of the whiskey world: elusive, exclusive, and eagerly sought after by aficionados willing to pay top dollar for a taste. At $120 a bottle, it’s not for the faint of heart, but for those lucky enough to snag a sip, the complexity and depth of flavor are unparalleled. Now, thanks to parent company Sazerac’s Barrel Select program, whiskey enthusiasts have the chance to take their Blanton’s experience to a whole new level—and for a good cause, no less.

In a stroke of generosity, Sazerac is offering one fortunate winner the opportunity of a lifetime through the Blanton’s Gold Charity Sweepstakes. The prize? A VIP tour of the legendary Buffalo Trace Distillery, complete with a gourmet lunch and an exclusive barrel selection experience for themselves and up to seven lucky guests. But the perks don’t stop there. Once the barrel has been chosen, the winner can utilize their $20,000 winnings to purchase bottles filled from their selected barrel, all while receiving the emptied barrel itself as a cherished memento.

And here’s the kicker: entries to this extraordinary contest, running through February 29th, can be secured for just $100 each, with proceeds benefiting the invaluable work of St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in their ongoing battle against childhood cancer. So not only does your entry stand a chance to elevate your whiskey game to new heights, but it also contributes to a profoundly meaningful cause—now that’s a win-win worth raising a glass to.