Life is all about the little details. In a digital world, where people invent smartphone apps solely dedicated to dragging us away from our peaceful slumber, it seems there’s little room for the classic alarm clock, that beautiful bedside piece of equipment whose sole purpose is to help prepare us for the long workday ahead. But as people turn away from using their smartphones at night to get better sleep, maybe it’s time to revisit the classic alarm clock. 

We’ve decided it’s time to take a stand against our smartphone alarms, and bring those timelessly classic alarm clocks from yesteryear back into the spotlight. Here are 6 classic, stylish alarm clocks you should consider:


Modern Triangle Wood LED Wooden Alarm Digital Desk Clock

One of our personal favorites on this list, this Modern Triangle Wood LED Wooden Alarm Digital Desk Clock features an LED display backlit on a beautiful wood display board. It also features an aux power cord (but can also operate wirelessly with four AAA batteries), as well as a USB port and wall charger. We love classic style, and when you can mix it with simple and sleek design, it’s a total win for us.


Sharp Twin Bell Alarm Clock

When it comes to stylish vintage alarm clocks, none are more fitting than a solid twin bell. This version, from Sharp, is not only incredibly cost efficient at less than 20 bucks, but also features a classically attractive stainless shell and two functional (and loud) bells. It also comes with some modern amenities, like battery-powered operation, a repeat snooze function, and a touch-activated backlight that allows users to set the alarm or check the time in complete darkness. A vintage feel with a modern touch.


Kikkerland Retro Alarm Clock

The 1970s were all about interesting color schemes and making a statement, and that’s exactly the kind of vibe you’ll bring into your home with Kikkerland’s Retro Alarm Clock. The plastic clock comes in several styles and color schemes, each with a distinct vintage flavor and feel. The plastic case features plastic glow-in-the-dark hands, a period correct ivory-colored face, and an impressively loud beep alarm (with a top-mounted snooze button!). It runs on one AA battery, which means you can place it anywhere you’d like, AND toss it at the wall if ever you should feel inclined (although we’d probably not recommend that).


L.L.Bean 1912 Big Ben Clock

You know L.L.Bean for their rugged boots and beautiful outdoor gear, but what about their clocks? No? Not so much? Well, their 1912 Big Ben Clock is a classically styled alarm clock that features some pretty excellent modern amenities. It comes in both an antique bronze/black and nickel finish, and features an antique face, an ascending alarm function, snooze button, a volume control, a push-button backlight, and requires two AAA batteries to run. Another instance of impeccable classic styling with functional modern features—something we certainly appreciate.


Seiko Dawn Alarm Clock

The Dawn Alarm Clock from the legendary team at Seiko is a perfect example of classic design work in a more modern context. The clock features a solid white side panel with wood front, top, and back panel, as well as a vintage-looking square white face, black hands with glow-in-the-dark accents, and a loud beep alarm with a snooze button. Clean, simple, and old school—it doesn’t get better than that.


Newgate Clocks Toledo Alarm Clock

Hearkening back to the beautiful bubble style and off-white patterns of the 1950s and ‘60s, the Toledo Alarm Clock from British clock maker Newgate Clocks is absolutely beautiful. Featuring tasteful metal hands and a real convex glass lens, as well as a silent sweep movement, loud digital alarm sound, and gorgeous eggshell white face, the AA battery powered Toledo Alarm Clock is handsome, simple, and goes great damn near anywhere, from the office to the bedroom.


L.L.Bean Moonbeam Alarm Clock (With USB Port)

We really didn’t want to include two clocks from the same brand, but we’ve always loved the classic Moonbeam design, and when we saw L.L.Bean’s revitalized take on it, we realized it was perfect. The classic Moonbeam with the beautiful stained off-white and fully lit face, classic bell tone alarm and black hands, all packed into a plastic molded shell with a convex glass lens—it’s all just so perfect and spot-on with the original. Best of all, it comes in five retro-inspired colors, including Pale Green, Vanilla, Bluegrass, Bay Blue, and Anchor Gray.

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