Looking for a gift guide for the foodie in your life? We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking to gift a new set of pots and pans or the best hot sauce around, you’ll find it here. Here are the best food and kitchen gifts for men for the holiday season.


Ooni Karu 16 Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven

Ooni is now synonymous with homemade pizza. The company makes some of the best at-home pizzamakers money can buy. And, best of all, there are a variety of options across several budgets. But, if money isn’t an object this holiday season and you take your backyard pizza nights seriously, you’re going to want the Ooni Karu 16. With plenty of high-tech updates like a mounted digital thermometer and a maximum temperature of 950°F, this is the Cadillac of pizza ovens.


Miyabi Kaizen II Chef's Knife

Every kitchen needs a proper chef’s knife. And we’ve long thought that Japanese knives are some of the best. So, if you’re in the market for a midrange knife that’s durable and beautiful, we’d suggest checking out Miyabi. The Miyabi Kaizen II in particular is a great option. Available in 6″ or 8″, this lightweight knife is built for precision. And the Damascus steel is absolutely stunning. This is a holiday gift that won’t be forgotten.


Pappy Van Winkle 23-Year Bourbon Barrel Aged Pure Maple Syrup Limited-edition Batch

[Partner]  Why settle for grocery store maple syrup when you can have Pappy? The Pappy Van Winkle 23-Year Bourbon Barrel-Aged maple syrup is nothing short of special. As the name suggests, this maple syrup spent time in Pappy’s 23-year bourbon barrels resulting in intense flavors of vanilla, caramel, butter, and oak. Your short stack will thank you.


Tovala Meals and Smart Oven

[Partner]  Tovala is the first truly easy meal kits service we’ve come across. Not only does Tovala provide chef-crafted meals shipped right to your door, the brand also sells a Smart Oven that makes cooking those meals a cinch. The meals arrive fresh with only a minute of prep time required. Scan the meal and pop it in the Tovala Smart Oven. Within 20 minutes you’ll have a perfectly cooked meal every time. Whether you’re looking to cut out trips to the grocery store or would just like high-quality ready-to-cook meals for weeknights, Tovala is the service for you.

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Molcajete with Tortilla Basket

This authentic Mexican-made mortar and pestle set is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Whether you’re looking to crush up some whole spices at home or just want some fresh guac, you’re going to want this lavastone molcajete from Verve Culture. Plus, included in the set is a handwoven tortilla basket — perfect for taco night.


Hedley & Bennett The Waxman Apron

If you aren’t rocking an apron when you cook or grill, what are you doing? Do you seriously want grease and oil stains on that tee you’re rocking? Of course not. Get yourself (or your friend or your dad) a quality apron from Hedley & Bennett. Trusted by industry pros, Hedly & Bennet makes durable and stylish aprons. The Waxman in particular is a great all-purpose apron handling the wear-and-tear of the backyard BBQ or the simple weeknight meal.


Southeast Asian Omsom Sampler

Omsom’s starter sauce packs have been a game-changer. And, they make great gifts! Simply add one of Omsom’s sauces to your favorite dish to add a punch of delicious flavor. Whether you’re whipping up some larb or Korean bulgogi, you’re going to want to add some Omsom. Omsom sources high-quality, hard-to-find ingredients for its sauces. And the results are amazing. So give your chef friend a sampler trio and get cooking!


Bee's Wrap Assorted 3-Pack

Looking to make your kitchen more eco-friendly? Bee’s Wrap is the answer. A handy substitute for plastic wrap, foil, or tupperware, Bee’s Wrap is a brilliant reusable food storage wrap. Simply stretch it over a container or wrap that sandwich and your food stays protected. And, once you’re done, handwash it, let it dry, and use it again. It’s a simple but effective way to eliminate plastic use in the kitchen and it makes for a great gift.


Made In Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan

Made In has quickly become one of the internet’s most beloved destinations for quality cookware. Top-tier materials, industry experience, and reasonable price points combine in Made In’s line of pans. Need somewhere to start? Get yourself the Carbon Steel Frying Pan, a do-it-all pan that cast iron’s heat retention with stainless steel’s lightweight feel. It’s available in seasoned or unseasoned models starting at 8″.


Hijinx Ice Cream Mix

There are few better ways to spend an evening than making some homemade ice cream. And Hijinx makes it easy with their simple ice cream mix. Just blend it up with milk and any ingredients you can think of. Keep it simple with some chocolate syrup or crumbled-up cookies. Or go crazy with jalapenos and hot sauce. If you’re looking to liven up a party or want to gift something unique to your favorite home chef, Hijinx is the way to go.


Spicy Truff Mayo

I consider myself something of a sandwich connossieur. And there’s a serious difference between good and bad mayo. I haven’t found any mayo that I love more than the spicy mayo from TRUFF. You probably know the brand from its iconic hot sauces, but y’all this mayo is delicious. The perfect blend of zip and tang, it’s the ideal addition to any burger, BLT, breakfast sandwich, whatever you’re feeling. And, the 2-pack makes the perfect gift for any other mayo freaks out there.


Goldbelly Gift Card

Can’t think of what to get? That’s ok. Gift cards usually feel like cop-outs but honestly I love getting gift cards to my favorite stores. And for food fans, there’s no better shop than Goldbelly. Give the gift of endless possibility with a gift card to the best online destination for amazing food deliveries. Goldbelly ships food and meal kits from some of the country’s most beloved restaurants right to your door. We’d suggest the “Not Fried Chicken” Bucket, The Russ & Daughters New York Brunch kit, or anything from OddFellows Ice Cream.


Foodheim: A Culinary Adventure

Eric Wareheim is much more than an oddball comedian, he’s also a winemaker and certified foodie. Plus, he released one of this year’s best cookbooks with Foodheim: A Culinary Adventure. Foodheim makes home cooking approachable and offers plenty of delicious recipes and useful tips when it comes to cocktail recipes, hosting, or food and beverage pairings. It’s a great conversation starter and an even better book for the burgeoning home chef.

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