Starting a health and fitness kick doesn’t have to wait until the new year. In fact, it’s better to get a jump start before the holidays since you’re more likely to eat healthier (and less) if you’ve already started exercising regularly and watching your caloric and nutritional intake before the get-togethers and the feeding frenzies begin. But also remember that these days, fitness is about recovery as much as it is about the workout. The right equipment can certainly motivate you and help you stay in the saddle, so we’ve selected ten items that will be great gifts for your health-conscious friends and family (or just for you) this year. Just make sure you don’t imply that the recipient needs improvement and think carefully to give to those who would appreciate it, versus to those who would just plain get offended and go for another slice of pie. Shop the 2021 best fitness gifts for men below.


Hyperice Vyper 2.0 Vibrating Fitness Roller

Foam rollers are no joke. They help you warm up, reduce soreness, and speed up recovery. But not all rollers are created equal. Case in point, the Hyperice Vyper 2.0 levels up with three vibration settings, 2 hours of cordless run time from the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and both smooth and grooved surfaces. Its eco-friendly foam materials should also put your mind at ease.


JAXJOX Kettlebell Connect

If you want a workout that will kick your ass from all four directions, try kettlebells. But don’t get a space-killing and wallet-draining full set. Instead, opt for this weight-selectable and stackable set that provides six levels from 12 to 42 pounds. You’ll be so thoroughly wiped from the workout that you’ll be happy that all your moves are trackable via the accompanying app.


MANSCAPED Performance Package 4.0

[Partner]  MANSCAPED has become a household name thanks to their high-quality men’s grooming essentials. Whether it’s a post-workout or pre-night on the town shave and trim, the Performance Package 4.0 kit has you covered. The kit includes the Weed Whacker nose & ear trimmer and the Lawn Mower 4.0 electric trimmer along with ball deodorant and refreshing spray. The MANSCAPED Performance Package 4.0 kit makes a great men’s gift for some down there care.


Fluidstance The Level Balance Board

Fitness doesn’t have to end when your workout is over. You can get on the level anywhere and your body will work hard without your knowing it. Staying balanced on it strengthens your whole body and gets the muscles engaged in micro-movements and keeps the blood flowing. Premium wood, high-grade aluminum, and four beautiful deck finishes will keep you challenged and looking good while you’re hanging ten.



The Terra-Core is a seriously versatile piece of fitness equipment that’s a jack-of-all-trades. The inflatable Terra-Core can be used with or without resistance equipment, and it will push you to your limits (and beyond). Use the top for balance, pushups, crunches, planks, or as a bench. Flip it over, and get some fresh challenges. It’s also commercial grade, so you can give it your all, and the Terra-Core will keep it coming. There’s also a workout app that will guide you through hundreds of exercises.


Casio G-SHOCK GBDH1000-1

As great as the Apple Watch is, we’re not 100% confident that it could take serious outdoor activity punishment the way a G-SHOCK can. The good news is that the GBDH1000-1 is one mean beasto that comes with an optical sensor for heart rate measurement, along with bearing, altitude/barometric pressure, and temperature sensors, and an accelerometer for step counting. Heart rate and speed can even calculate VO2 max. Connectivity to apps for workouts is also one of its many skills. Not only can it track all of your active endeavors, but it also has the same bombproof toughness as the rest of the G-SHOCK line.


Mebak 3 Deep Tissue Percussion Massage Gun

Who needs a pricey masseuse when you can iron out those hard-worked muscles with an affordable massage gun. The Mebak 3 looks like the more expensive versions and has all the right features including 7 interchangeable heads, 5 speeds from 640 to 3,200 rpm, low noise emission, deep tissue capability, a color LED readout, and up to three hours of continuous use or two to three weeks with normal use via the 2600maAh rechargeable battery.


Bosu Balance Pods

Add another dimension to your floor workouts with these mini Bosu balls. Not only are they truly portable with a 6.5-inch diameter and 1-pound weight, but they can also be used for pushups, planks, yoga, squats, balance training, weight training, and a whole lot more. The grippy bases are slip-resistant, too.



After a hard workout, you don’t just need to relax your feet that have just been pounded like a side of beef at the hands of Rocky Balboa. You need recovery. OOFOS OOcloogs use a high-grade foam that absorbs 37% more impact than conventional footwear. They’re also great for plantar fasciitis sufferers. Trust us, we’ve tried them, and we swear by them. The OOcloogs provide good coverage for the cooler seasons and provide the same support as their famous sandals.


Fight Camp

Sometimes a regular weight or HIIT workout just can’t let you get your aggression out in that healthy kind of way. Fight Camp’s free-standing punching bag won’t just let you go at it like a contender, it tracks everything via the included punch trackers, and it even delivers live and recorded workouts via the smartphone app. Improve your boxing and kickboxing techniques with numerous types of workouts, and you can even get the kids in on it. Just make sure they don’t surpass your skill level or there will be hell to pay.

$1, 219+

Oakley Flak 2.0

The second coming of the famous flak sunglasses takes what was already great and provides even more coverage during your hard workouts. The frames remain the same size, but the lenses are extended for additional visual and physical protection. The curved temples still gently hug your mug, and the polarized lenses reduce dangerous glare while running or biking. See what a difference the Flak 2.0s can make in your outdoor workouts all year long. Oakley will even Rx them for you. This is a no-brainer men’s gift.

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