Even in the uncertainty of the current climate, looking forward to a summer vacation is just the relief some families need right now. Whether you’re jet-setting somewhere fun or making it a day at a local park, here are some gifts to give your dad to enjoy, no matter his travel habits.


Paravel Cabana Travel Bundle

For just over five years, Paravel has made a name for itself as a clean, affordable, and beautifully branded luggage line. What’s interested me lately is their Travel Bundle, which includes a luggage tag, passport cover, and card case. Just the tiniest bit retro, with a stylist twist, anything from Paravel would be appreciated, but your father will get miles out of gift on and off vacation.


Weekender Correspondent Jacket

This jacket is a powerhouse. Designed after the travel correspondents for news networks, its fifteen pockets hold everything from phone to maps, cash to a first aid kit, and everything in between. What’s especially nice is that the jacket can be converted to a vest, making it the go-to for summer sports like fishing.


Avocado Green Pillow

[Partner]  The best-selling Green Pillow From Avocado makes for a great Father’s Day Gift. It is a 100% non-toxic pillow with an adjustable fill, made from GOLS certified organic latex and GOTS certified organic kapok. With a machine-washable organic cotton cover and a natural, fresh, medium-plush feel. Use code THANKSDAD at checkout for 15% off Avocado pillows through June 20, 2022.


Vaer D5 Meridian USA Dive Watch

[Partner]  The Vaer D5 Meridian USA Diver is for those looking for an eye-catching automatic dive watch with tons of utility and wrist appeal. Building on the success of the D4 Solar version, the new self-winding D5 is an upgrade across the board with a perfect balance of luxury, impressive tech specs, and an accessible price point. The D5 starts at $599 with your choice of 2 straps, while the solar version starts at only $339.


Sabah Leather Glasses Case

American-made in El Paso, this soft leather case is an upgrade from the usual ones that come free with your glasses. Stylish in a few color options, the Sabah glasses case extends the brand into new territory that is a great entree for your dad to really appreciate the finer things in life, if he hasn’t already.


Graf Lantz Merino Wool Laptop Sleeve

A proclaimed cult classic for a reason, the Graf Lantz laptop sleeve is a serious contender for the best travel product on this list. Handmade from Merino wool felt, the sleeve is the best accessory for your dad going back to the office. I personally love the shades this comes in, while the advantages of wool (water, tear, stain, and heat resistant) can’t be ignored either.


iTalki Gift Card

As travel and gas prices continue to fluctuate, maybe a vacation isn’t in the near future just yet for your old man, but that doesn’t mean he can’t get in the spirit of travel from home. iTalki is a community of language educators offering video lessons for an incredibly affordable price. A bonus is that, as we age, learning another language can help combat brain fatigue and Alzheimer’s, so giving him this gift has some great health benefits, too!


Herschel Chapter Travel Kit XL

Herschel makes great bags and accessories. It’s just what they do. An extra-large dopp kit may just be the best option in their roster of products. A structured design for a roomy interior, this bag can fit all the necessities for a getaway. The additional exterior pocket comes with a key clip and compartments inside to make organizing a breeze and the start of his vacation stress-free.


Lochby Field Journal

Even if your father isn’t a journaler, he will be once he tries Lochby. He’ll find excuses to take his field journal around with him. This waxed canvas case utilizes every inch of real estate for clever pockets, including one for notebooks. It’s the sort of gift that becomes integrated into his life and he’ll wonder how the hell he ever stayed organized without it.


Nothing Ear (1)

While AirPods remain at the top of the industry, nothing’s Ear (1) made a splash last year as the next big thing on the scene. The company’s pared-down branding and easy-to-use functionality make it a great gift for your father. And, at a reasonable price point, that’s an added bonus to try out something new for him.


Slightly Foxed Patrick Leigh Fermor Trilogy

British literary magazine Slightly Foxed has compiled three of Patrick Leigh Fermor’s works into one set. Fermor, by many standards, is considered one of the best travel writers of all time. This trilogy, which includes A Time of Gifts, Between the Woods and the Water, and The Broken Road, tells the story of young Fermor as he crosses the European continent by foot from Holland to Istanbul. Who needs to travel when one can imagine the sights and sounds that Fermor brings to life in this memoir collection?


Quaker Marine Ditty Bag

A silly name, but an iconic design. The Quaker Marine Ditty Bag is a great overnighter for your dad’s next trip. Made for sailors, this waxed canvas bag was made to hold the essentials on the sea. While he may not be on a boat anytime soon, who’s to say he won’t get some good use of it on his next trip to the beach? We’re sure a few cans of Coors can fit in there.


Casio AE100W

An incredibly affordable watch option, the Casio AE100W series comes in an array of colors with some serious functionality that hits above its price class. The design is made to resemble an airplane cockpit, already making it the perfect travel companion. It’s water resistant for up to 10 meters and includes a world clock with present countries for easy overseas traveling. Not only that, but it’s just an easy watch for everyday use, making it an accessory that can easily plug into his life from the get-go.


W&P Frequent Flier Craft Cocktail Kit

Five tiny tins, five delectable drinks. The Frequent Flier kit includes five tins, each with its own ingredients and instructions on making a perfect cocktail. The kit includes Old Fashioned, Gin & Tonic, Moscow Mule, Bloody Mary, and Champagne Cocktail. Even if he’s in coach, he’ll still feel first-class with this gift.

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