You don’t have to know the latest use of AI to know that many dads love to own the best tech. Maybe it’s a set of headphones they brag about to the neighbor as the ultimate lawnmower noise canceler, or maybe it’s the camera that captures every glorious detail of the latest family trip. Even the dads who literally run away from tech often appreciate a modern fitness tracker that has all the bells and whistles.

Whether you’re shopping for a dad who is completely tech absorbed or one who wants tech that makes the non-screen side of life better, you’ll find a gift worth giving this Father’s Day on this list of expert-approved picks.


Sony WH-1000XM5 Headphones

The thing about the best headphones is that the quality of the silence is just as important as sound quality (with the exception of running or other instances when you need to be aware of your surroundings, of course). These Sony headphones deliver the utmost noise cancellation with processors that control eight microphones and auto-optimization based on ambient noise. They’re just as good on the conference call as when playing music or a podcast, too. It’s a gift dad will appreciate whether he’s managing from the at-home office or trying to pretend like his work doesn’t have a new in-office policy. And the cherry on top? The battery lasts for 30 hours without needing a charge, and it only takes three minutes to charge up to another three hours of playback.


Marshall Stanmore II Speaker

There are plenty of great looking modern speakers out there. There’s just something different about a speaker with an aesthetic that leans more classic than futuristic–as long as the sound quality is there. The Marshall Stanmore II brings modern, high-quality acoustics to a vintage look. In this day and age there’s no excuse for dad to be listening to a Bluetooth-connected speaker that sounds like the audio had to travel underground and back. The lossless wireless sound stays strong within a 30-foot connectivity range, and the levels can be controlled either on the speaker itself or via the Marshall Bluetooth app. And if your dad is the type of guy who just wants to plug things in the old fashioned way? The Stanmore II has inputs for that as well.


Roborock S7 Max Ultra

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The Wellcore at Home Testing Kit

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Belkin Charging Pad

Keeping all of modern life’s devices charged can get messy. If your dad is the type of guy who has a tangle of cords surrounding his desk like a web of wires, help him simplify things this Father’s Day with a Belkin charging pad. The magnetic wireless charger is MagSafe compatible for apple devices and supports fast charging for Apple Watches. With spots for three devices, it’ll make that home office desk or bedside table looking much cleaner. Plus, there’s a two-year warranty on the charger itself and a connected equipment warranty of up to $2,500.


Garmin Vivomove Trend Fitness Watch

Garmin is one of the most trusted names in fitness watches. Whether your dad is just getting back into getting into shape or is a dedicated fitness hound, the Vivomove will keep him looking stylish while making sure he always knows where he’s at in his workout journey. The Vivomove has a five-day battery life with a touchscreen display that plays double duty as a fitness tracker and notification center when paired with a phone (it can even pair with a card for contactless payments). On the wellness side, this is more than just a step counter and GPS. It can measure heart rate, pulse, sleep, stress, and more.


Oura Fitness Ring

If only one could truly give the gift of sleep. Until that day happens, the next best thing is the gift of being able to accurately track one’s sleep. The Oura ring is an attractive and accurate accessory that keeps track of sleep cycles, heart rate variability, body temperature, and other metrics to put together a daily sleep score and tips to help the wearer improve their shut eye. If your dad is the guy who brags about waking up before the sun but also can’t keep his eyes open 10 minutes into a movie, then it might be worth getting something that can help him better monitor how much sleep he’s actually getting.


Google Nest Thermostat

Stop fights over the thermostat before they happen (or at least stop the need for anyone to have to physically stand up to participate in the back and forth). The Nest thermostat learns a household’s schedule to optimize the temperature depending on the day of the week and the time of day or night. Sensors check if anyone is in the house or if it can switch to eco mode, or can have things controlled remotely on the app to get the house to the right temperature on your way back from work. Does it feel a little utilitarian for a gift? Maybe. But everyone wins here. It’ll lead to fewer back and forth thermostat conversations, less heating and cooling an empty house, more savings on the energy bill, and a happier dad.


Backbone Phone Game Controller

Games on the phone don’t have to be just phone games with the Backbone controller. It makes most Androids and all iPhones a full-on gaming console that can play Xbox, Playstation, and Steam games that support a controller. It’s immediate, satisfying, and the perfect fix for dads who love to game.


BigBlue 3 Portable Solar Charger

Sure, the most prepared dads have a spare battery or two on hand to charge devices even when there isn’t an outlet nearby. But having a solar panel charger that can be taken on the go? That’s next level. The BigBlue can charge multiple devices at once at the charge speed that’s best suited to each device without overheating it. Needless to say, this is free energy from the sun, and its sturdy construction and protective surface keeps it in good shape in outdoor conditions whether it’s camping or traveling somewhere that may or may not have reliable power. Plus, it’s easy to pack at less than 12 inches long and about six inches wide, and weighing in at 20.5 ounces.


Kasa Smart Home Plug

For most people, the smart home revolution that futurists predicted would take over all our manual appliances hasn’t quite panned out. Some things are voice controlled or turned on and off over an app, but the majority of things we plug in are relatively the same. With Kasa, you can help your father figure make even those dumb appliances punch above their weight. The smart plugs are compatible with both Alexa and Google Home, as well as any modern smartphone through the Kasa app. It allows users to turn things on and off as well as basic scheduling all done remotely. Plus, it’s incredibly affordable compared to buying a bunch of smart light bulbs.


SAMSUNG SSD T7 Portable External Solid State Drive

If your dad is the family record keeper, there’s a good chance his computer is packed with large photo and video files. You could wade through them all yourself and delete the duplicates as a very manually intensive Father’s Day gift, or you could just get this portable external drive for PCs, Macs, and Androids. It transfers incredibly fast and holds 500 gigabytes, one terabyte, or two terabytes, depending on the size you choose. It’s also simple to unlock with fingerprint recognition. And it all comes in the size of a credit card with a weight of two ounces.


SideTrak Solo Touch Pro

The perfect home office set up often includes a large monitor that’s angled just right. But these days, the home office can be many places–including on the go for an extended family summer vacation. The SideTrak can help relieve some of the pressure of having to either leave that second screen behind or be forced to work (or play) without one. The 15.8-inch HD LED touchscreen display is easy to pack up with vivid color display and near seamless connectivity.


BAFANG Electric Bike Conversion Kit

E-bikes can be pricey and the exact specs specific to the rider. If you want to go full speed on a purchase and know what your dad likes, these are the best e-bikes to choose from. But for a bit of a test before full commitment, it’s hard to beat an e-bike conversion kit as a gift. The Bafang turns a traditional bike into an e-bike after about an hour of installation to get the front drive motor in place and the thumb throttle set up. It works equally well on touring bikes, commuters, and mountain bikes with speeds of up to around 25 mph.


Fujifilm X-T30 II Mirrorless Camera

This camera is a powerful and versatile tool that will allow any dad to capture stunning photos and videos, whether he’s a seasoned pro who can always use another camera or just starting out and in need of an upgrade. The X-T30 II features a 26.1-megapixel APS-C X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor, which delivers high-quality images with exceptional detail and clarity. The X-Processor 4 also provides lightning-fast processing speeds. Other features include 4K video recording, Bluetooth connectivity, and built-in Wi-Fi for easy sharing of photos and videos. It also has a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to take on the go.


GoPro HERO11 Black

For fathers who prefer to live on the more adventurous side of life, the GoPro HERO11 Black can take pretty much all that he has to give while capturing incredible video and photos. GoPro’s latest model shoots 5.3K video (and 8x slow motion) that looks straight out of the movies, and that can have 24.7 megapixel stills pulled for those stand-out moments. That’s more than large enough to be able to crop in and adjust even on the widest shots. The brand is known for its durability and ability to operate at the same level even in tough conditions, and that rings true for the HERO11 Black. It has next-level stabilization and a horizon lock, and shoots just as clearly underwater as above. With the bundle, you’ll get a pretty full suite of accessories that can help the camera adapt to whatever your dad is into this Father’s Day and beyond.


Sony SRS-XB23 Portable Speaker

Put your dad in control of the music on the go. This Sony speaker is waterproof, rust-proof, dust-proof, and shock-proof, ensuring that it can withstand all of the hikes, trips, and falls that may come with adventures. The ruggedness alone is eye catching and could make it worth gifting–especially at this price. But the sound matches with extra bass and up to 12 hours of battery life. Plus it can sync with up to 100 speakers through Party Connect, so the whole crew can join in.


TURTLEBOX Gen 2 Portable Speaker

Whereas the Sony SRS-XB23 is ready to be taken on the go in a backpack, the TURTLEBOX Gen 2 is for when dad has some extra trunk room and wants a Bluetooth speaker that packs a bigger punch. The speaker is made for the outdoors: portable, waterproof, dust-proof, lightweight, stable rubber feet, and stainless steel tie-down anchors. Whether your dad prefers the beach, the river, the lake, the mountains, or anything in between, it’s hard to beat the TURTLEBOX when it comes to sound and durability for music in the outdoors.


Balmuda Speaker

You know your dad best. And maybe you know that while he’ll appreciate the durability and power of a more standard looking outdoor speaker, he’ll appreciate something that’s eye catching even more. This Balmuda Bluetooth speaker has a lighting feature that goes with whatever music is playing and three-dimensional sound that spreads far and wide whether it’s on the picnic table or in the backyard.


Premier T1 Turntable System

Vinyl is far from dead. In fact, it’s thriving, and you can help your dad make the most of all that the new vinyl movement has to offer with an at-home turntable system. It comes with a turntable and two two-way M1 stereo monitors that have separate independent controls, and it can connect to Bluetooth devices for more sound through Vinyl Stream. The turntable is built to preserve scratch-free records (those vinyl prices can add up after all). No promises that this will make the parties he hosts better.

Proof Rover

Yes, you read that correctly, and no, we don’t invoke the Land Rover without absolute certainty our claims will be delivered on. Whether you opt for the straight or slim option, each pair of pants in the Proof Rover Collection calls upon the name of a certain all-terrain vehicle for a reason–they’re durable, comfortable and capable of handling any obstacle in their way–all while looking damn good in the process. They feel like sweats, they age like raw denim and they’re as durable as the most classic work pants. When you want to check all the boxes–with all of the color options–you need to buy Proof Rover Pants today.

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