While the everyday carry (EDC) will vary from person to person depending on individual taste and style, there are a few categories we can all agree on. Notebooks, wallets, knives, pens, key carriers and the like are pieces of kit everyone uses, which makes all of them great gifts. Forget the big box options and check out the curated list below for some of our favorite classics–along with a few options you might not have thought of. These are the best EDC gifts for men.


Makers Notebook

Created in collaboration between Makers Cabinet and Mark+Fold, the Makers Notebook is an A5 notebook expertly bound in Belgium with dot grid or plain 120GSM pages that are perfectly smooth. Whether you’re using pen, pencil or marker, this notebook is great, fold-flat option for all this ideas and drawings that won’t fit within the confines of a pocket notebook.


TekFire Lighter / Battery

In addition to being one of man’s greatest inventions, fire is pretty essential whether you’re looking to cook outdoors, stay warm or light up. Skip the plastic disposables or even the windproof options in favor of this TekFire option. The TekFire uses a 3000mAh battery to both create a plasma arc for fire-lighting, along with functioning as a mobile device charger. That’s right, no lighter fluid required, and it will juice up your phone to keep the party going.


Dango D03 Dapper Wallet

Dango wallets have become one of our favorite gifts to send and receive every year because they’re unlike anything else on the market. The D03 Dapper Wallet combines an aerospace aluminum frame and locking rail system with a high-quality top grain leather exterior and an integrated elastic band. It looks great. It’s damn near bulletproof. Most importantly, it has enough space for more than a dozen cards and cash–without getting bulky.


KeySmart Max Key Organizer

Key carrying changed for the better when the stacked key organizer was developed. These options remove the key jingle, make opening doors easier and keep you more organized. KeySmart already made one of our favorites, but the KeySmart Max is even better. Max combines the familiar key carrying solution with a built-in Tile (so you’ll never lose your keys) and a powerful flashlight. It even comes with a free multi-tool so you have one less thing to carry.


Tekto Romeo Tactical Folding Knife

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of great folding knives on the market, but we’ve yet to see one that’s quite as stylish as the Tekto Romeo Tactical Folding Knife. The Romeo features a 3.3″ M390 super steel American Tanto style blade with liner lock that’s mated to a 4″ carbon fiber handle with a pocket clip, which makes it incredibly durable and functional. More than that, it’s almost, almost, too pretty to use because of the sleek profile.


Machine Era Twist Field Pen

If you or the people on your list are anything like us, you probably already have a couple durable EDC pens around. That’s no reason not to update to the latest version of Machine Era’s popular Field Pen. Fully machined from solid stock, built with a buttery smooth twist deployment mechanism from Germany and housing a Japanese Itoya Aquaroller refill, the Machine Era Twist Field Pen is a master’s class on thoughtful, durable design.


Best Made Bandana

Whether you’re wiping sweat off your brow, mopping up a spill or carrying something, there are few tools in the EDC as lightweight and functional as the bandana. While the ten packs you’ll find at the local big box store will do in a pinch, we much prefer a high-quality and stylish option like this one from Best Made. Each of the 22″ x 22″ options are made with super soft 100% cotton fabric carefully dyed in one of two striking patterns.


BigIDesign Bit Bar Inline Screwdriver

A screwdriver doesn’t seem like an essential piece of kit you need to be carrying around all the time–until you need one. There are plenty of multi-bit screwdrivers on the market, but none are as well built or portable as the Bit Bar Inline Screwdriver from our friends at BigIDesign. With titanium construction (including the pocket clip), steel bits (it includes #2 Phillips, T8 Torx and 1/4″ Flathead but you can customize) and rare-Earth magnets, this screwdriver is built for the apocalypse and will likely outlast whoever you give it to.


Terrain 365 Otter Slip Flip-AT CF Knife

Terrain 365 is a relatively new knife brand, but they impressed everyone out of the gate with this Otter Slip Flip-AT CF Knife. Built for all terrains with a carbon fiber handle (hence the AT and CF), this detent type slipjoint flipper is as much a pleasure to use as it is to look it. Pair that with its 3″ rustproof, edge-holding Terravantium blade and it’s equally at home on land or in the water. If you want a knife as sharp as it is stylish and a great men’s gift, this is it.


Bellroy Classic Pouch

These days, tech is as much part of the EDC as all the other classic pieces of gear. Keep your cables, chargers, batteries, adapters and headphones–along with all your pens, pencils, keys and other essentials–organized on the go with the Bellroy Classic Pouch. The woven fabric pouch is water resistant, easy to organize and has a wide access opening that makes it easy to pack and unpack wherever you’re using it.


VSSL Camp Supplies Suunto Edition Compact Adventure Kit

VSSL Camp Supplies Adventure Kit has been one of our favorite pieces of kit for ages. The indestructible, military grade aluminum tube holds a number of pods that contain 72 camp essentials ranging from first aid and fire starting, to fishing and a wire saw, all within its lightweight and easy to carry 9″ exterior. This particular version is even better because one end is a 200 lumen LED light with 4 modes and the other is a best-in-class Suunto mechanical compass. With this in your bag, you’ll never have to worry you forgot something.


Leatherman Curl Multi-tool

It’s almost impossible to argue that a multi-tool belongs in every EDC… and it should be a Leatherman. The Curl was inspired by the Wave Plus and includes 15 handy tools that run the gamut from the classics like the pliers, blade and file, to scissors, can/bottle opener and screwdrivers. If you’re performing a job that doesn’t require a specialized tool, it’s a fair bet the Leatherman Curl can tackle it because it’s basically like carrying a toolbox in your pocket, on your belt or in your bag. This is an indispensable men’s gift this holiday season.

Endeavor 800×800

Whether you’re wearing dark denim and a button-down, or slacks and a jacket, the best way to complete any outfit is with a great watch. Citizen’s Eco-Drive has plenty of great options that will have you looking better than ever, but our current favorite when it comes to checking all the boxes is the Endeavor watch you see here. With a two-tone, gold and silver stainless bracelet, 3-hand blue dial with dual time and magnified date window, along with luminous markets and anti-reflective sapphire crystal, this gorgeous watch takes any getup to the next level.