There’s nothing quite like sitting around a roaring fire during the holiday season with a delicious beverage in hand. Whether you’re looking for gifts for you craft beer drinking partner, whiskey enthusiast parent, or oenophile friend, these are the best holiday gifts for men who love to drink.


Kings County Distillery Single Malt

American Single Malt is the newest official whiskey style to come out of the United States. Scottish distilleries have long been producing excellent single malt beverages, but it’s a relatively recent phenomenon here in the States. Brooklyn’s Kings County makes some of the best whiskey in New York, so it should come as no surprise that the single malt is a standout representation of this growing style. Pick up a bottle for yourself or gift it to a whiskey enthusiast in your life.


Final Touch Solid Wood Ice Bucket

Ice buckets take dinner parties to the next level. Whether it’s put out for easy access to ice cubes or there’s a bottle of wine that needs chilling, an ice bucket is always a classy touch. This solid wood ice bucket has a touch of vintage appeal and functions extremely well. It’ll look sharp on any bar cart or kitchen counter while keep ice clean and cold.


The Gold Fashioned 2022 Blend

[Partner] The Gold Fashioned 2022 Blend is the finest bottled old fashioned out there. Blended by The Violet Hour vet, Robert Haynes, with a split-base blend of 3 whiskeys, house made Saffron Bitters, and naturally raw Malawi Fair-Trade Demerara. Just pour 2 oz over ice and spritz once with the included orange orange zest and it is ready to drink. The 2022 blend is limited to just 2,912 bottles and it is poised to sell out, just like it did last year. We recommend you get yours today.


Whiskey Peaks Mountain Decantur + Half Dome Set of 2 Whiskey Glasses

[Partner] It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about fancy rums, mezcals, whiskeys or vodkas, you need a way to display your extraordinary spirits. Enter this handsome vessel is a handblown whiskey decanter made from premium lead-free glass. With a hefty 34 oz of capacity for your favorite spirit and set of two Half Dome Mountain Whiskey Glasses, this set will keep you inspired and sippin’ “on the rocks” whenever 5 o’clock calls.


Craighill Trophy Brass Bottle Opener

Sure, those cheap keychain bottle openers work fine in a pinch, but it’s better to keep a sturdy bottle opener like this sculptural brass bottle opener from Craighill in the kitchen at all times. Not only does it make for an eye-catching conversation piece, it’s also perfectly functional. Plus, the more the Trophy brass bottle opener it used, the better it will look thanks to its natural patina.


Areaware Table Tiles

Every home needs a quality set of coasters. Home decor brand Areaware makes a very giftable collection with geometric patterns and bright colors. They’ll protect your table from water marks, and thanks to the cork base they won’t slip around or spill that glass of something nice. If you’re looking for a small, charming gift, this is the choice for you.



Underberg has become something of a bartender’s handshake for those in the know in the craft beer industry. These German bitters are a bit of an acquired taste, but the bracing, herbal shot is a stellar digestif after a big meal. Plus, you can buy them straight from Amazon. Get a pack for your holiday party and indoctrinate your guests into the world of Underberg.


Cocktail Shaker Bar Set

Every home bar needs a decent cocktail shaker set. Get this entry-level kit complete with jigger, bar spoon, and cocktail shaker with integrated strainer for the budding mixologist in your life. It’s not particularly flashy, but will more than get the job done for any shaken cocktails.


Peak Ice Works Large Ice Cube Tray

If you’re going to enjoy a drink on the rocks, your refrigerator ice just won’t cut it. Get yourself a dedicated ice tray for large, cocktail-worthy cubes. This food-grade silicone tray from Peak is sturdy enough to keep its shape yet flexible enough to easily get the ice cubes out.


Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

Coffee liqueur isn’t necessarily a home bar essential, but is is a nice touch. The well-balanced liqueur is perfect for an Espresso Martini or coffee Old Fashioned. Plus it sips great on the rocks. Mr Black also offers direct shipping, so you can easily order a bottle to gift to friends (and one to keep for yourself).


Tipsy Scoop Holiday Favorites 5-Pack

Why drink your booze when you can eat it? Tipsy Scoop makes a wide variety of alcohol-infused ice cream, and just in time for the holidays the brand released a curated set perfect for Christmas parties. With flavors like Minty Spiked Hot chocolate and Waffles and Whiskey, you’re sure to find something everyone will enjoy.


SodaStream Terra

A SodaStream is an extremely convenient option for carbonated water at the push of a button. And if you know someone who enjoys a good highball (or just goes through too many bottles of seltzer), then gift this set, which includes an extra CO2 canister and three refillable bottles.


Estelle Hand-Blown Colored Rocks Glasses (Set of 2)

Every self-respecting cocktail enthusiast needs a good set of rocks glasses. These lowballs from Estelle are a beautiful set. Handmade in Poland, these colored rocks glasses are the perfect size for whiskey on the rocks or a delicious Old Fashioned for sipping a beverage with a glass that has a stylish vintage charm.


Viski Admiral 3-Pc Decanter Set

While whiskey doesn’t necessarily gain the same benefits from aeration that wine does, it’s still worth getting yourself a classy whiskey decanter. There are few better ways to display a beloved bourbon or whiskey than in a handsome glass decanter. This set from Viski is an excellent choice. Perfect for bar carts or rich mahogany desks, the Admiral decanter set includes two rocks glasses and the lovely vintage-style decanter to serve as a proper home for your whiskey.


Daneson Whiskey-Infused Toothpicks

There’s nothing quite like washing down a delicious meal with a stellar whiskey. Add to the experience with these whiskey-infused toothpicks from Daneson. Not only are they functional toothpicks, they leave a pleasant flavor thanks to being soaked in Kentucky bourbon. This set of four toothpick packs makes a great gift for the whiskey enthusiast in your life and is sure to be enjoyed after a big holiday dinner.


Lyngby Glas Palermo Gold Rim Glass Carafe

A mark of excellent hospitality is always having a clean pitcher of water available. If you want to upgrade your vessel, get this handsome glass carafe from Lyngby Glas. The gold rim and ribbed bottle neck give this carafe a vintage appeal that’s perfect for any home. It can be filled with water, seltzer, or juice, or used as an extra classy wine decanter.


Cheeky Honey Ginger Syrup

Simple syrups aren’t exactly hard to make, but for anyone looking for flavored syrups that are ready to be used immediately turn to Cheeky. They make a wide variety of cocktail mixers and syrups with real ingredients so you can get excellent mixed drinks every time. The Honey Ginger syrup in particular works in several different cocktails, like a Penicillin or a Hot Toddy.

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