Getting out all year round is more important than ever now that we’ve all at least been tangential victims of COVID-19. The hunger to get out of the house to travel, camp, or go on an expedition is at a fever pitch, and it’s good to know the great outdoors will always be there for us. But you can’t throw caution to the wind or damn preparation altogether.

Great adventure and travel gear can make the perfect gifts for those who like to wander far from home. This is where the right gear is vital to make adventures safe, fun, and maximized. Here’s our wide swath of equipment that should make future travels the best they can be. Welcome to our lineup of the best travel gifts for men.


The North Face One Bag Sleeping Bag

The One Bag Sleeping Bag brings together the best of three worlds because it manages different temps. The synthetic outer layer handles 40 degrees and higher, the removable mid-layer will do 20 degrees, and when you combine the two of them you get a 5-degree bag. You can even convert the mid-layer into a shawl and the bottom layer into a pillow. Each layer is color-coded, and the bag comes in regular and tall sizes. Why no one thought of this before is beyond us.


Lifestraw Go Steel

Clean drinking water isn’t a given wherever your travels may take you, so be smart and stay hydrated safely. The Go Steel uses Lifestraw technology to filter out the bad stuff. The 1,000-gallon Membrane microfilter removes bacteria, parasites, microplastics, silt, sand, and water cloudiness, while the activated charcoal improves the taste of the water as it reduces chlorine and odor. It gives the gifts of peace of mind, peace of stomach, and drinkable water just about anywhere.


Osprey Transporter 44

Sometimes a roller just won’t work while attempting a Usain Bolt to reach the departure gate on time. The Osprey Transporter 44 carry-on backpack/shoulder bag is big enough to hold just about everything and still remains right-sized for domestic flights. The TPU-coated fabric is tough and water-resistant with a PFC-free DWR treatment. Internal compression straps in the main compartment keep stuff from jostling around. There are ample pockets, a fabric cover to protect clothing, and a laptop compartment. Carry it with the detachable shoulder strap or carry it like a backpack. It really is the gift of both convenience and speed.


Snow Peak Living Lodge

Camping can suck or it can be epic. Crappy weather can make the former happen and not the latter. The folks at Snowpeak have created movable quarters that change the camping game by providing a sleeping area and a freakin’ sheltered living room in one Lawrence of Arabia-like portable domicile. The max headroom is 6’9″, so you can stand up in it unless you’re in the NBA. It comes with a ground sheet, tent, shelter, pegs, ropes, and poles. The Medium sleeps three, and the Large sleeps five. You just have to pick your friends carefully.


Vollebak Planet Earth Shirt

If you were to dress head-to-toe in Vollebak apparel, it just might make you the most resilient person on earth. Their Planet Earth Shirt is just one example with its Swiss and Italian materials, water/dirt/bacteria resistance, and its welded and shatterproof buttons. The seven concealed air vents, fast-drying capability, and the tall anti-mosquito collar deliver comfort in locations where it seems unattainable, and the 62 meters of reinforced stitching ensure you’ll never come undone, at least not unintentionally. It’s a shirt built for the most rigorous of travels and adventures and a men’s gift that will last for years.


Luno Car Air Mattress 2.0

Sleeping in a car doesn’t have to be the slumber choice of last resort. Luno’s improved Air Mattress, in its second iteration, is the bomb. The thick 300-Denier Oxford fabric is soft and tough, and you can even adjust firmness for each side separately. The 2.0 fits over 1,800 different vehicle models/trims, and it can accommodate folks up to 6’2″. Add a Base Extender for even more space. It also comes with its own electric air pump so you don’t blow out your lungs.


Midland X-Talker Extreme

Mobile phones don’t always work in the field, and it’s not like you can just drop some coin on a satellite phone to keep lines of communication open. Rely on two-way radios for your outdoor adventures, and you’ll find them trusty, rugged, and easy to operate. Midland’s X-Talker series has an impressive 38-mile range, 15 hours of battery life, and rapid charging capability. The X-Talker series doesn’t require an FCC license and can operate in all 50 states, and there’s no cost to use it.


Danner Jag Midnight

It’s one adventure shoe that can pull off duty as well in urban settings as it can in the field. The versatile Jag gets city-friendly black coloring, and it’s also waterproof thanks to the breathable Danner Dry layer. It also gets tough leather and Cordura uppers that can take the punishment on and off the trail. Finally, the Danner Waffle sole provides the right amount of traction for slick sidewalks and dirt trails with equal skill.



Rolling a cooler around isn’t exactly the definition of mobility. The ICEMULE Boss changes the cooler game by building one into a technical backpack. Not only can it hold twenty-four cans of your favorite beverage or five bottles of wine, but it also comes with Molle webbing, three dry pockets for electronics, amply padded and breathable shoulder and hip straps, and a thick waterproof coating for when things go south. The Boss doubles as a big dry bag, too, but only after you’ve ingested the previous contents. It’s the gift that keeps giving on all your outdoor adventures.


GCI Outdoor RoadTrip Rocker Chair

Not all camp chairs are created equal, and the RoadTrip Rocker vaults to the top of the heap because it provides a smooth rocking experience that breaks up the mundane and adds another level of relaxation in the great outdoors. The powder-coated steel frame is strong and corrosion-resistant, while the deep seat and mesh backrest provide long hours of campfire comfort. It all folds down into a carry sack and only weighs 13 pounds. A small price to pay for owning the envy of the campground.


Huckberry has been our go-to menswear destination for ages because of their unique ability to combine quality and style–like their latest drop with Coors. This collection of beer-focused throwback gear is as cool now as it was in the late 80s. Banquet Work Jacket and Vest. Banquet Crew Sweatshirt. Vintage style Pearl Snap Shirt. More Banquet Patch / Waxed Canvas / Corduroy hats than we can shake a stick at. There are also Banquet Tees, Shorty Sleeve Shirts, Socks, and combinations of everything we mentioned. Add some old-school style to your rotation with Huckberry x Coors here.