Rarely does one regret spending the time and money to travel. Any time you can get away is an opportunity to create lasting memories (even the bad ones provide great stories) that you’ll reminisce about with friends or when you’re just trying to distract yourself from the darkness of the office late at night. Make plans, prepare yourself, and by all means, get the right travel gear that will make things easier.

Good travel gear should make your trip more enjoyable by adding convenience, organization, safety, or comfort, otherwise it’s just more gear that serves little purpose and you still have to haul it with you. Whether it’s by plane, train, or automobile, travel plans for you or for friends and family should involve top-notch travel gifts that keep on giving. We’ve assembled an illustrious group of excellent goods for the next trip, whether short or epic, in the air or on the ground.


TRTL Travel Pillow

Whether padded or inflatable, most of those toilet-seat-shaped travel pillows suck. Plus, you look like an idiot walking around the airport with one around your neck just to have to lug it with you without sacrificing luggage space. The TRTL is compact, soft, and truly versatile. The internal structure allow you to rest your head on either side, toward the front, or use it as a wedge between the back of your neck and a car or plane headrest. It’s just damn brilliant.


Silipint Lidded Bowls

Eating on the go is always a challenge. Lousy containers don’t help matters, but Silipint’s solution is a game changer. Their lidded bowls keep food safe and secure, help retain temperatures, and they’re unbreakable. You can choose between three different sizes or just get a full set. They also don’t retain flavors, and clean-up is a cinch. You may find yourself using them even when you’re just in the comforts of your own home.


RZE Ascentus GMT

If you’re crossing time zones, it’s imperative to have a watch that can manage more than just one location (and look good while doing so). RZE’s first GMT watch is a gem because it not only uses a mechanical automatic movement, but it also sports a unidirectional 24-hour DLC bezel, brightly lumed hand and markers, and a new five-link bracelet that offers supreme comfort over long hours of travel. It’s also made out of super-strong, super-light, and proprietary hardened titanium. The fact that you can choose between four dial colors is just icing on the cake.


Tom Bihn Techonaut 30

Try sprinting to make your connecting flight using rolling luggage. It’s a feat that simply cannot be mastered. You’ve got to have the right travel backpack, and Tom Bihn makes some of the best. The Technonaut 40 has a cavernous main compartment, a suspended laptop compartment for 16-inch notebooks, numerous pockets, and three carry modes. You can wear it with comfort using the edgeless straps, tote it as a shoulder bag, or use the padded carry handles like a briefcase. It’s also built to last with rugged nylon, waterproof zippers, and USA-crafted quality oozing from every aspect.


Nextbase 622GW Dashcam

The reality of hazards on the road, as well as in parking lots, means that keeping a record of happenings is vital. Nextbase makes some of the best dashcams in the business, and the 622GW is the top-tier model. Features like 4K recording, image stabilization, Alexa-enabled voice command, emergency SOS response, and precision location technology make it more than just a video camera. It could be the very thing that saves you.


BOTE KULA 5 Magnepod Cooler

BOTE took the utility of a 5-gallon bucket and transformed it into a truly versatile cooler. The KULA 5 Magnepod isn’t just a rugged cooler, it’s also a strong and comfy seat, stepstool, bait container, and magnetic platform that works to keep your gear in place when you need it. The robust handle has a foam grip, and the secure lid stays on no matter what your travel conditions are.


Nomadix Puffer Blanket

Unless you’re camping, the idea of bringing a sleeping bag on your travel is asinine. Same with a conventional blanket. The Nomadix Puffer Blanket is a different story. Big enough to cover you but small enough to be packable, it’s a brilliant solution to so many travel chills. The snaps allow you to use it as a sleeping bag, roll it up and stash it without it coming unraveled, and it can even be worn as a shawl for hands-free warmth. Made with post-consumer recycled material, it’s also easy on the earth. It’s like the Swiss Army Knife of travel blankets.


NOCS Provisions Pro Issue Waterproof Binoculars

You don’t have to be a birder to appreciate a good set of binoculars. They make sightseeing more enjoyable, and a good pair will allow you to dial in your vision on just about anything that’s not easily identifiable with the naked eye. The NOCS Pro Issue turns things up with 8×42 or 10×42 for between 400mm and 500mm magnification, and between a 342 and 429 field of view. The grippy rubber coating makes them impact resistant and easy on the hands while the IPX7 rating makes them waterproof to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.


LIVSN Ecotrek Trail Pants

Long trips require comfortable pants without having to wear sweats. LIVSN’s Ecotrek Trail are the ultimate travel pants because the sustainable nylon fabric resists heat, cold, moisture, abrasions, and odors without skipping a beat. They’re also breathable for high activity levels. The Ecotrek Trails are also trim enough to make you look put-together, and you can roll up the cuffs to expose the reflective strip for great nighttime safety.


Helinox Chair Zero High Back

Most travel chairs suck. They’re bad for your posture, and they’re not exactly comfortable. The Chair Zero High Back changes all that, and more. It puts you in an ideal sitting position, and the high back provides excellent support so you can truly take a load off. Lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum means it’s strong and weighs in at a mere 1.8 pounds. Plus, it packs down to a 16-by-5-inch sack for easy transport.


Klean Kanteen TKWide 20-ounce Insulated Water Bottle

Long hours on the road or in the air require good hydration. Like most good insulated water bottles, the TKWide keeps drinks cold for hours. But it’s the metal straw, flexible nozzle, and twist cap that set it apart from the rest. The nozzle stows away and is protected from dust and dirt with a simple twist, and the metal handle provides an added carry option.


Dango M1 Airtag Wallet

It’s hard to keep track of everything when you’re traveling. Dango’s M1 combines its brilliant structural aerospace aluminum framework and sophisticated leather/DTEX material with an Apple Airtag band for easy location. Stash cards and cash and also use the metal RFID blocking card cavity for additional space and protection. It’s the space-age wallet that makes you look like a covert agent, even if you’re just flying to visit grammy.

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