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The Bento Jot Is a Beautiful, Modular Stationery Set Made to Elevate Your Workspace

Bento Jot is a revolutionary stationery set that will transform your workspace.


Step into the world of creativity with Bento Jot – a revolutionary stationery set that transcends the mundane to elevate your artistic experience. Born from the minds of Neetica Pande, an accomplished industrial designer, and Piyush Suri, a seasoned branding and design entrepreneur, NOOE’s Bento Jot seamlessly marries Scandinavian minimalism with Japanese precision.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Bento Jot boasts a modular design inspired by the Japanese bento box, offering a sleek, organized sanctuary for your creative tools. The 12 bespoke stationery items, including a solid aluminum pen, machined ruler, and dot-grid Monograph Journal, form a cohesive system that blends function with form. This is not just a stationery set; it’s a functional work of art, designed to inspire and assist without overwhelming your workspace.

Quality is the cornerstone of the Bento Jot experience. The pen’s resilient anodized aluminum body houses a German-engineered ink refill for a seamless, uninterrupted flow. The dot-grid Monograph Journal, crafted with premium materials, provides a gentle texture for a variety of writing instruments. The Bento Jot doesn’t just organize your tools; it cultivates a disciplined and focused mind, fostering undistracted and clutter-free creativity.

In a nod to environmental mindfulness, Bento Jot pioneers sustainable stationery design, drastically reducing plastic usage by up to 95%. Available in Forest Green and Carbon Black, each color infuses its unique emotion, inspiring creativity in different ways. NOOE’s global acclaim, marked by the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2022, underscores its commitment to pushing boundaries in everyday aesthetics.

The Bento Jet is available to back on Kickstarter now through March 21, 2024 with prices starting at $79. NOOE expects to fulfill orders starting in July.