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Busch Light Solar Cookers

Busch Light Solar Cookers

Whether or not Busch Light is your light beer of choice, they have made an impression with their most recent campaign. In an effort to both raise awareness of and help combat the prevalence of forest fires, Busch Light has crafted the Busch Light Solar Cookers. As part of the brand’s For the Forest initiative, Busch Light is making these solar cookers free and available for pick up from select fire stations throughout the state of Colorado.

“The impact of forest fires has been devastating to America’s great outdoors, with the threat continuing to increase each year. As the beer brewed for the great outdoors, Busch Light feels an obligation to contribute to the conservation of our nation’s tree-lined vistas from the threat of forest fires,” said Krystyn Stowe, Head of Marketing, Busch Family Brands at Anheuser-Busch, in a press release. “By making the Busch Light Solar Cooker freely available and accessible to Coloradans this fall season, we hope to directly decrease the number of fires caused by humans, ensure people respect no-flame laws and provide education on the ingenious ways to safely enjoy and protect the great outdoors.”

The Busch Light Solar Cookers will be available through Labor Day to coincide with the peak camping season. And for those who won’t have access to the Busch Light Solar Cookers, they’ve shared a solar-cooked recipe of Busch Light Beer Bratwursts with Spicy Peach Salsa courtesy of Top Chef alum Carrie Baird.

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