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The EDC market is packed to the brim with a plethora of tools, trinkets, and gear made to help you accomplish all of your quotidian tasks. One thing we don’t see enough? Permanent markers. Sure they’re not particularly sexy or premium, but permanent markers can be extremely useful. Last year, Marksmith debuted a stylish titanium permanent marker on Kickstarter with a handy clip and retractable tip. It was so successful that the brand is following it up with an even more premium permanent marker, this time with DLC-coated black titanium.

Marksmith’s tongue-in-cheek marketing plays into the sense of excess and hype that so often accompanies EDC gear. “Now we’re back with MARKSMITH BLACK Ti, and let me tell you why you don’t need it either,” reads the https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/microfacturing/marksmith-black-ti-dlc-bolt-action-edc-permanent-marker-pen. Nobody needs a pricey permanent marker. But, if you happen to prize these types of expertly designed tools, then you’ll love the Black Ti marker from Marksmith. The diamond-like coating (DLC) is available in satin, matte, or natural titanium finishes. The spring-loaded mechanism offers a satisfying feel when releasing the marker. The pen can use fine tip Sharpie® Brand black retractable permanent marker cartridges or Marksmith’s own refills for future uses. The marker is available starting at a Kickstarter-exclusive price of $89.


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