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Since COVID-19 is far from being defeated, wearing a mask in public continues to be de rigueur. But not all masks are created equal, especially now that LG has officially announced a portable air purifier that you can wear on your face. It’s essentially a dramatically shrunken version of their home air purifiers, using similar (but much smaller) replaceable filters that pair with small battery-powered fans for air movement. It can even sense when you are inhaling or exhaling to adjust the fan speed. The PuriCare is meant to address the inadequacies of homemade fabric masks, as well as disposable N95 masks that are hard to come by. Not only will the PuriCare do a good job of filtering particulates (no specifics have been mentioned), but it will also enable wearers to breathe better, something we all could use these days. The new wearable air purifier will be available in select markets in Q4 2020.


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