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Igloo Iceless Coolers

Igloo, the OG of portable coolers, is shaking up the game with its latest ICF Series of iceless coolers.


Igloo, the OG of portable coolers, is shaking up the game with its latest ICF Series, marking the brand’s leap into electrical compression coolers. Sporting the iconic blue-and-white color scheme, these iceless wonders are available in five sizes, catering to every adventure, from the compact 20-quart ICF 18 to the spacious 83-quart ICF 80DZ. The cool factor? They can run on both AC and DC power, giving you the flexibility to chill with a wall outlet or car battery. With a temperature range of 0ºF to 68ºF, controlled by an easy-to-use panel with a dimmable digital display, these coolers transform seamlessly from freezer to fridge, adapting to your needs in just 10 to 20 minutes. Plus, ditching the ice means more room for your essentials, and that’s always a win.

Now, you might think plug-in coolers are nothing new, but Igloo’s ICF units stand out not just for their quality assurance but also for the brand’s trademark aesthetic. Compared to the competition, they’re a steal, offering a couple hundred dollars in savings for comparable sizes. Whether you’re a tailgate pro, beach bum, or road trip enthusiast, these coolers bring the cool without breaking the bank. And did we mention the sleek design and range of sizes? Igloo’s ICF Series is about to become the hottest (or should we say coolest?) accessory for your next adventure.

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